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Chapter 5: Europeans Settle throughout North America
Lesson One: The Spanish Borderlands
Borderlands were created to protect gold and silver mines from other European
countries building colonies.
Presidios were built to protect settlers.
St. Augustine was the first permanent settlement by the Spanish.
As the Spanish settled throughout the borderlands, lifestyles for many changed including
the Indians.
Indians learned to tame horses and use them for transportation.
Spanish government sent missionaries to borderlands to persuade Indians to become
Catholics and they built small missions or religious communities.
Spanish taught Indians how to use plows and to farm with tools.
Indians taught Spanish how to build adobe houses and how to make medicine from herbs.
Life was hard for the Indians. They had to give up their religious traditions and learn
the Catholic faith. Some were forced to work on missions against their will.
Some Indians fought back killing missionaries and destroying churches.
Lesson Two: The Growth of New France
Quebec was founded in 1608, but by 1625 its population was only 60. By 1660 the French
fur trade was nearly destroyed.
The French empire in North America was crumbling.
Hoping to rebuild, King Louis XIV declared New France to be a royal colony
Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette led the expedition that would explore the Mississippi
River hoping to reach Asia.
Their expedition opened the Mississippi River to trade and settlement
by the French
Sieur de La Salle set out to find the mouth of the Mississippi.
2 month expedition and the entire Mississippi River Valley was claimed for France by La
In 1712, Louisiana was made a proprietary colony the colony would run like a business and
the ownership of the land was given to one person called a proprietor.
The French colony was failing, but the British were prospering.
Lesson Three: Thirteen British Colonies
The Early Southern Colonies
Virginia and Maryland were two of the earliest British Colonies. Virginia began with
Jamestown started as a trading post to make a profit for the company.
Tobacco became an important crop for both Virginia and Maryland. Maryland was built
as a colony to provide a refuge for Catholics.
The New England Colonies
Puritans received a charter to start the colony of Massachusetts to practice their
Reverend Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts to formed the Connecticut colony.
Hooker believed a government should be based on the will of its people.
Fundamental Orders were adopted; this was the first written system of government in
North America.
The Middle Colonies
The Dutch began to build settlements in their own colony New Netherlands.
Area was named Louisiana after the King.
1698, the French King sent another expedition to find La Salle's river and make a
settlement: A French settlement was built at the mouth of the Mississippi.
Settlers began to arrive but hardships caused many deaths.
Colonists from Sweden established New Sweden.
William Penn given a charter and made proprietor of Pennsylvania.
Established as a refuge to worship as they pleased. Quakers settled there.
Philadelphia - main port
Immigrants from all over settled there.
Middle colonies considered" Bread Basket Colonies"
The Southern Colonies
Virginia and Maryland continued to grow
A colony established - Carolina it was eventually divided into North Carolina and South
North Carolina-developed small farms.
South Carolina-large plantations.
Southern one-third of South Carolina became Georgia
James Olgethorpe was given the charter