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Moving to Princess Margaret Cancer
Princess Margaret
Information for teens
Read this booklet to learn:
• about your transfer to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
• what to expect at your first visit
• what to bring with you
• how to find your way around
• who to call if you have any questions
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Author: Sick Kids/Princess Margaret Transition Team
Created: 03/2005
Form: D-5091 (09/2013)
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Pediatric After Care Clinic
610 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2M9
(416) 946-2000
Why am I being transferred to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre?
You will be transferred to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (or PM) for your ongoing
medical care.
At PM, you will meet your new health care team. They specialize in medical follow
up for survivors of childhood cancer. They will continue to check your health so you
can stay healthy.
Getting to know your new healthcare team in a new place can be hard. Change is
never easy. Big changes, like this one, can be stressful. At The Hospital for Sick
Children (Sick Kids), you may have been cared for by health care professionals for a
long time. You may have become close to them.
We want you and your family to know that we will support you during this time of
change. Welcome to PM. We look forward to getting to know you and your family!
Are things done differently at Princess Margaret?
Pediatric healthcare centres, like Sick Kids, provide family-centred care. At PM, we
provide more patient-centred care. For example:
• We give you (the patient) information about your health. If you want, you can
include parents, family members or friends in these talks.
• We ask you to sign consent forms for treatments or procedures. Consent means
that you agree with the treatments or procedures.
• At PM, most patients are middle aged or older. We try to schedule your clinic
appointments with others closer to your age.
• Some procedures at PM are done differently. For example, we don’t use the
finger poke method. We draw blood from a vein in your arm or from a central
Although we focus on your care, your family's involvement is welcome.
What will happen on my first visit?
• You will meet one of the Aftercare Staff Doctors and a nurse. You will also
meet members of the Pediatric Cancer Aftercare team.
• You may have blood work done.
• You may need more tests after your visit. This will depend on what type of
cancer you had and the type of treatments you received.
• We will work with you to develop a plan for your care.
• We will give you contact information including telephone and fax numbers.
Remember to Bring
□□ Your Health Card (OHIP Card) and private health insurance information
(policy and ID numbers)
□□ Important names, addresses and phone numbers (like emergency contacts
family doctor, referring doctor)
□□ A list of all your medicines and doses and your allergy history. Bring the
medicines with you if possible.
□□ If they haven’t been sent already, copies of your medical records. Check with
your contact nurse at Sick Kids before your appointment at PM.
□□ A family member or friend for support. They can also help you remember
what you talked about and make sure you ask all of your questions.
□□ Things to help pass the time (books, magazines, homework, laptop). You may
have to spend up to 3 to 4 hours at the hospital. We want to make sure we
have the time to help you the best we can.
Finding your way around Princess Margaret Cancer Care
Where is it?
PM is at 610 University Avenue. It is across the street from Sick Kids. The front entrance
is on University Avenue. The back entrance is on Murray Street. There is a patient dropoff driveway at the back entrance.
There is a parking lot off of Murray Street. If you want, you can buy a reduced monthly
To take PM’s virtual tour, visit:
Who can give us directions when we arrive?
Go to the Information Desk in the main lobby. The main lobby is also called the Murray
Street Atrium. You can talk to someone at the information desk or to a volunteer (wearing
a burgundy vest).
What is an outpatient clinic and where will I find one?
The outpatient clinics are where you will meet with your doctor for your regular
appointments. They are located on the 18th floor of the hospital:
• Pediatric Cancer After Care Clinic
• Brain Tumor Clinic
Where do I go to have my blood taken?
Go to the main floor, next to the pharmacy. You will need to check in at the blood lab
Where do I go to get my X-rays, CT scans and MRI's done?
Take the glass elevators to the 3rd floor. Turn left, then turn left again and walk down the
hall. Medical Imaging will be on your right.
Where do I go to get my prescriptions filled?
There is a pharmacy on the main floor, next to the blood lab. You can also use a pharmacy
closer to your home. This may be more convenient.
Where are the inpatient floors?
The inpatient floors are on the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th floors.
What if I have questions?
You are being cared for by your team at Sick Kids until your first appointment at PM. If
you have questions or concerns, call your Contact Nurse at Sick Kids.
You can call Mona Pedlar, assistant to Dr. David Hodgson and Barbara Ann Millar at
416-946-2919 or email Mona at [email protected]
You can also find more information about the After Care Clinic by visiting:
The development of patient education resources is supported by the Princess
Margaret Cancer Foundation.