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Dengue (Break Bone Fever)
Dengue virus is transmitted to humans by the bite
of an infected mosquito.
Dengue virus, pathogen
Aedes aegypti, vector
CDC/University of South Carolina
Biomedical Sciences/Wikimedia
CDC/ Prof. Frank Hadley Collins, Dir., Center for Global
Health and Infectious Diseases, Univ. of Notre Dame
Alex Mit/
Mosquito Breeding Grounds in
Tropical and Subtropical Climates
Natural Habitats
Manmade Habitats
Puddles of standing water
Tire dumps
Photos by Lauren Graham
International Public Health Campaigns
Hong Kong
Lee Snider Photo Images/
By Andrevruas, via Wikimedia Commons
French Guiana
By Cayambe, via Wikimedia Commons
Student-Led Public Education Campaign:
Asianet-Pakistan /
Public Education in
Residential Neighborhoods:
By Project Manhattan, via Wikimedia Commons
Why not just distribute bed nets?
… unless people in the town have
other needs for nets.
Photo by Lauren Graham
Bed nets are an effective way to
prevent mosquito bites and
dengue fever transmission…
Other uses for bed nets: protect garden from animals, enclose a chicken coop,
wear as a wedding veil, store food in a hammock above the ground, fish for food
Cultural factors: attracts ghosts, women cannot conceive under a bed net, a
certain percentage of people are just going to die of dengue or malaria
Created by Yale Graduate Students in
Environmental Science Class for
International Red Cross/Red Crescent
The game teaches children and adults in foreign countries
how mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever and
malaria, could increase with climate change.
Photos by Lauren Graham
Humans vs. Mosquitoes in the Classroom:
Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam and
the Philippines
Requires minimal equipment
Photos by Lauren Graham
Kids all over the world love
playing the game!
In the community, adults can learn how to
protect themselves against dengue fever, too.
Humans vs. Mosquitoes
played by attendees at a
United Nations climate conference
Photo by Lauren Graham
Adapted for U.S. Classrooms
Photos by Laura Fawcett
Diagram by Sally Pallatto, Yale Peabody Museum