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Does C# support multiple inheritance?
Is the following correct?
interface InterfA { ... }
class clA { ... }
class clB : clA, InterfA { ... }
Describe three-tier application architecture.
In software engineering, multi-tier architecture (often referred to as ntier architecture) is a client–server architecture in which presentation,
application processing, and data management functions are logically
separated. For example, an application that uses middleware to service
data requests between a user and a database employs multi-tier
architecture. The most widespread use of multi-tier architecture is the
three-tier architecture.
What does the term immutable mean?
In object-oriented and functional programming, an immutable object is
an object whose state cannot be modified after it is created
What’s the difference between System.String and
System.Text.StringBuilder classes?
A string instance is immutable. You cannot change it after it was
created. Any operation that appears to change the string instead
returns a new instance:
string foo = "Foo";
// returns a new string instance instead of changing the
old one
string bar = foo.Replace('o', 'a');
string baz = foo + "bar"; // ditto here
Immutable objects have some nice properties, such as they can be
used across threads without fearing synchronization problems or that
you can simply hand out your private backing fields directly without
fearing that someone changes objects they shouldn't be changing
(see arrays or mutable lists, which often need to be copied before
returning them if that's not desired). But when used carelessly they
may create severe performance problems (as nearly anything – if you
need an example from a language that prides itself on speed of
execution then look at C's string manipulation functions).
When you need a mutable string, such as one you're contructing
piece-wise or where you change lots of things, then you'll need a
StringBuilder which is a buffer of characters that can be
changed. This has, for the most part, performance implications. If
you want a mutable string and instead do it with a normal string
instance, then you'll end up with creating and destroying lots of
objects unnecessarily, whereas a StringBuilder instance itself
will change, negating the need for many new objects.
Which of the following jobs are NOT performed by the
Garbage Collector?
Freeing memory on the stack.
Avoiding memory leaks.
Freeing memory occupied by unreferenced objects.
Closing unclosed database collections.
Closing unclosed files.
Describe the accessibility modifier “protected internal”
In C# what is the difference between a reference type and
a value type?
What is boxing and unboxing?
Boxing, otherwise known as wrapping, is the process of placing a
primitive type within an object so that the primitive can be used as a
reference object. For example, lists may have certain methods which
arrays might not, but the list might also require that all of its members
be dynamic objects. In this case, the added functionality of the list might
be unavailable to a simple array of numbers. For a more concrete
example, in Java, a LinkedList can change its size, but an array
must have a fixed size. One might desire to have a LinkedList of
ints, but the LinkedList class only lists references to dynamic
objects — it cannot list primitive types, which are value types.
Describe the differences between an interface and an
abstract class.
What is the result of z?
int x = 13, y = 6 , z = x & y;
Describe the difference between the Session and
Application objects in ASP.NET
What are the different session state storage modes in
Describe the difference between the HTTP methods Get
and Post and when you would use one over the other
Describe the ViewState mechanism in ASP.NET and also
why it can have a performance impact?
In ASP.NET MVC briefly describe the 3 main components
What are jQuery selectors? Please provide an example
Can you call C# code-behind method using jQuery? If
yes,then how?
What is a design pattern?
Describe the terms Dependency Injection and Inversion of
Describe database connection pooling
Describe the advantages of using stored procedures
What is the difference between a LEFT join and an INNER
In SQL Server describe the table hints NOLOCK and