Download Mercury is named for the Greek god Hermes.

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 Mercury • Nickname: The Speedy Planet • Position: 1st planet from the Sun • Distance: 36 million miles from the Sun • Diameter: 3,032.4 miles • Rotation time: 59 Earth days • Revolution time: 88 Earth days • Atmosphere: thin mixture of helium (95%) and hydrogen • Moons: 0 • Composition: Partly-­‐molten iron core in center • Surface description: Covered by a dusty layer of minerals (silicates), the surface is made up of plains, cliffs, and craters. .. Mercury is named
for the Greek god
Elise Pinsonneault
Grade 5P
Come to Mercury to try one of the “hottest”
dance studios around the universe.
It is called
Sunshine Studio. One of the best tappers lives
here. She performs every night
on Sunshine
Stage. Make sure you bring your winter jacket
too just in case it is cold when
you come. But
also bring your summer clothes
because it will
most likely be a little just a little hot. It
on. Call now to
depends on what side you’re
make reservations at (603)-123-4567
or visit
Calling all Planet Lovers!
Interesting Facts
and Special
• If you weigh
100 pounds on
Earth, you
would weigh 38
pounds on
• Mercury's orbit
is not a perfect
circle like most
of the other
planets. It's
actually eggshaped.
• The surface of
Mercury can
reach about
800 degrees