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The Appendicular Skeleton
Pectoral Girdle:
Scapula (Coracoid process, Acromion and spine, Supraspinous and Infraspinous
fossae, Glenoid cavity) clavicle
Upper (fore) Limb:
Humerus (head, greater tubercle, shaft, condyle with capitulum, trochlea, medial
and lateral epicondyles) fig. 8-4; radius and ulna (olecranon, trochlear notch,
proximal and distal radio-ulnar joints, radial notch, ulnar notch, styloid process of
radius and ulna); manus- carpus composed of 4proximal, and 4 distal carpals
(hamate for two fingers, iv&v) –metacarpus - phalanges
Pelvic Girdle:
Os Coxae-Ilium, ischium, pubis (iliac crest, posterior superior iliac spine,
acetabulum , obturator foramen, ischial tuberosity, pubic tuberosity, sacroiliac
articulation, pubic symphysis, pelvic inlet, pelvic outlet)
Lower (hind) Limb:
Femur (head, greater and lesser trochanter, neck, shaft, medial and lateral
condyles, patellar surface, epicondyles) patella; tibia and fibula (medial and
lateral condyle, medial maleolus, lateral maleolus; pes -tarsus composed of
calcaneus and talus (astragalus), and five other tarsal bones- cuboid, navicular,
cuneiforms (medial, intermediate, lateral);-metatarsals and phalanges.
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