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The Ming Dynasty
1368 to 1644 AD
Artist impression of Genghis Khan
Extent of the Mongol empire circa
1215 AD
First capital of the Ming Dynasty
Map showing what the original
temple in Nanjing looked like
Showing the original Palace Gates in
The Imperial Palace in Beijing [The
Forbidden City]
Showing the extent of the Ming
Painting made during the Ming
A Ming Vase
Chest of drawers carved from wood
and made during the Ming Dynasty
Wood carving made in the Ming
Chinese theatre made mainly out of
wood during the Ming Dynasty
Stool made during the Ming Dynasty
from wood
Chinese dictionary written during
the Ming Dynasty 1615 AD
The Great Wall Of China
Grand General giving orders to fire
cannons at intruders in the Ming
Eunuchs within the Imperial Palace
in Beijing
Ship made during the Ming Dynasty
Manchu archer
Qing Dynasty
Second emperor in the Qing Dynasty