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Residential activity
Communication and Team working.
Looking at the diagram in the workbook on levels of communication;
1. What level of communication are you most comfortable with?
2. Can you list a group or individual that you communicate with at the different
a. Ritual and cliché
b. Gossip & fact
c. Ideas & judgement
d. Emotions & feelings
e. Peak
3. How could you improve any levels of communication? Do you think there
are any groups with whom you communicate that would benefit from a
higher level of communication?
Looking at the handout on the stages of team development
1. Can you identify where your ICURe team is on the chart?
2. Can you relate the stage of your team's development to your internal levels
of communication?
3. Can you identify issues within the team that need to be addressed for the
team to move forward?
Team Building
1. To develop your team's performance you need to identify then combine four
elements of team building.
a. Your individual strengths and weaknesses
b. Your internal relationships
c. The atmosphere in the group
d. The leadership style you bring to the group
2. Effective teams require
a. Mutual trust
b. Mutual respect
c. Mutual support
Team Dynamics
1. Some key questions to ask and attempt to answer.
a. What do I need to do to make my team perform better?
b. What specific actions will help the team perform better quickly?
c. What will I do - or did I do - when the group hits the "storm" phase?