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Jonney Shih
Jonney Shih has led ASUSTeK Computer Inc. as Chairman since 1993. Until 2008 he
served in a dual role as CEO. Shih has been referred to as the father of the netbook, and
now in his role as Chairman, he is helping to guide ASUS further toward the digital
future. Shih embodies the balance, ease, and sincerity of the products he represents.
In 2006 Mr. Shih changed the direction of the computing world by making his dream for a
low cost, lightweight PC a reality. The ASUS Eee PC Project revolutionized the PC
marketplace, and catapulted ASUS into the top-10 global notebook brands in the world.
That new, reduced-function portable PC, the “netbook”, had international societal impact.
For the first time, it put an affordable computing device in the hands of consumers,
educators and students around the world. It sparked the mobile trends of today.
Mr. Shih is a visionary and strong advocate for the part design thinking plays within the
company. He believes, “True technological innovation comes from an understanding of
people—that is, understanding their unstated needs—then using that knowledge to
design a better tomorrow.” Those designs are not only innovatively functional, but have
also been considered technological artwork for their elegance.
Mr. Shih has also led the company through challenging restructuring, guiding the
company during the split of the ASUS OEM and ODM business changes in 2008. The
positive results were greater business opportunities in each respective market.
Mr. Shih believes that people are the most important and valued assets of a company.
For this reason he has developed a corporate culture that encourages ASUS employees
to share new ideas, and to reach their highest individual potentials. Furthermore, he
credits the company's success to its business philosophy, which emphasizes the
importance of focusing on fundamentals for realizing quality results, and attaining
winning outcomes.
Mr. Shih holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Taiwan
University, and a Master's Degree in Business Management from the National ChaoTung University. Among his many awards, he has received the Outstanding Technology
Management Award, in 2006, from the Chinese Society for Management of Technology,
as well as the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award from China Times and Taiwan DHL.
BusinessWeek Magazine, 1998/1999 recognized Mr. Shih as one of the fifty “Rising
Stars of Asia.”