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Report on the 5th Intercongress Symposium of AOSCE
The 5th Intercongress Symposium of AOSCE was held in Bangkok, Thailand during 7-10
February 2006. The Symposium was held not only as an ordinary event of the AOSCE but
also, for Thai members, to honor the late Professor M.R. Puttipongse Varavudhi, who was
among the early founding members of the AOSCE as well as the founder of Thailand’s
Comparative Endocrinology and Molecular Evolution Society (CEMES). There were 155
researchers and students participating the meeting from 11 countries: Australia, India,
Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, PR China, SAR China, Taiwan ROC,
USA and Thailand. The theme of the Symposium was “Comparative Endocrinology and
Biodiversity in Asia and Oceania”. The Professor M.R. Puttipongse Varavudhi Memorial
Lectures were given by former AOSCE presidents: Professor Susumu Ishii (Japan):
Introductory remarks, Professor John Yu (Taiwan): Evolution of pituitary gonadotropins in
vertebrates and Professor Jean Joss (Australia): Endocrinology, development and evolution of
There were 4 plenary lectures including 1) Molecular mechanism involved in the regulation
of oocyte maturation by Professor Samir Bhattacharya, India; 2) Stress endocrinology and
behavior in Antarctic penguins by Dr. John F. Cockrem, New Zealand; 3) Expression of
hormonal genes in the neuroendocrine system of homing salmon by Professor Akihisa Urano,
Japan and 4) Biodiversity and Conservation in Thailand by Professor Visut Baimai, Thailand.
The Meeting consisted of 6 symposia (38 presentations) and 41poster presentations. The
topics of symposia were as follows: 1) and 2) Reproduction, growth and development I and
II, 3) Environmental endocrinology, 4) Molecular endocrinology and gene expression, 5)
Frontiers in reproductive neuroscience and 6) Biodiversity and conservation biology.
The welcome reception was held in at the Thai Pavilion of Chulalongkorn University in Thai
style. Many participants also joined the post-symposium excursion to Phra Nakhon Si
Ayutthaya Province, the former capital of Thailand. The organizing committee would like to
express their sincere gratitude to all delegates who contributed their recent research to make
this symposium a very successful one.
Prakong Tangpraprutgul, Ph.D.
Chairperson, National Organizing Committee
The 5th Intercongress Symposium of AOSCE, Bangkok