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Orthodontic Success
Successful orthodontic treatment depends on teamwork between the patient and
Dr. Shaw’s Orthodontic Team. We all want to ensure that your treatment proceeds
smoothly and on schedule. For optimal treatment results, we need your cooperation.
Orthodontic treatment will require you to avoid certain types of food. We realize that changing
your eating habits may be a bit difficult at first, but the length of your treatment time will greatly depend on your cooperation.
How would you like to get your braces off as soon as possible? By working together, we make this happen.
Helpful Hints About Treatment
• Please be on time for your appointment.
• If you need to brush your teeth first, please come at least 5 minutes early. Toothbrushes and floss are provided.
• Please note that if you cancel or don’t show up, we likely will not be able to see you for quite a number of weeks and this can
drastically affect your treatment time and result.
• If treatment is extended due to lack of cooperation, missed appointments, trauma, injury, etc., an extra monthly fee may be
charged until treatment is concluded.
• Brackets are designed to remain glued/bonded to your teeth for the entire treatment time.
• If you notice anything that is loose or broken, please call for a repair appointment.
• Decay can start under loose orthodontic devices. Additionally, teeth can move in the wrong direction if wires are bent or
brackets are broken. This can complicate and/or lengthen your orthodontic treatment.
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Food Guidelines
Broken braces mean extra, inconvenient repair appointments and longer treatment time in braces.
Foods To Avoid
• Fritos, Doritos or any
chip snacks
• Pretzels (hard)
• Gummy bears
• Tootsie rolls
• Now & Laters
Minimize Sugar Intake
Eat Less:
• Candy, ice cream, cookies, cake, pie
Drink Less:
• Soda, energy drinks, high sugar drinks
Do Not Bite. Break
Into Smaller Pieces
• Hard candy
•Lollipops / Candy
•Popsicles or other
frozen foods
•Corn on the cob
•Large hard raw fruits
and vegetables (like
apples and carrots) cut them up first
•Chewing on ice is a
definite No-No
Also Avoid
• Do not chew on pens, pencils or fingernails
• Bubble gum*
• Hard bread rolls
• Sunflower seeds
• Peanut brittle
• Candy apples or caramel apples
• Any chewy candy
•Any other sticky,
chewy or hard foods
• Pizza crust
Note: Unless the packaging says that it will not stick to dental work, avoid gum.
Chewing gum wraps around brackets and wires and can cause damage to your orthodontic appliances and your teeth.*
*Please ask your orthodontic assistant if you have a question about a specific food.
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