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NABERS Energy Guide to Building Energy Estimation
Occupant density
HVAC system type
HVAC Hours
HVAC After hours
HVAC plant
HVAC Zoning
HVAC Control
Energy Coverage
Document Referencing
Identify the basis upon which this figure was derived.
Describe the systems modelled and any differences between the
design and the modelled systems
Describe the hours of operation of the HVAC plant
Describe the representation of after-hours operation used.
Describe the plant sizes used, and specifically note any areas
where the simulation was allowed to default rather than use
data from the design. Describe chiller and boiler efficiencies.
Describe the zoning of the HVAC systems and identify any
differences between the design and the model.
Assess the differences between the known or likely control
methodologies of the actual building and those modelled.
Describe energy covered within the scope of the rating.
Identify any exclusions or any items outside the scope of the
NABERS Energy rating that have had to be included in the
energy coverage because of lack of metering.
List drawing and specification versions and dates used to
source information.
6.2 Metering requirements description
This table must provide a full description of the metering arrangements required or assumed to allow the
NABERS Energy rating to be conducted
Metering Requirements
Energy Coverage
Meter Description and Location
Describe the energy items covered by this meter.
Repeat as necessary for additional meters. Include any submetering required to exclude non-rated energy from the
6.3 Simulation Results
This section must list each scenario, identifying:
 Any changes between this scenario and the reference case;
 The purpose of the scenario
 Results for the scenario in the format presented in the following subsections
An absolute minimum of two scenarios, being a reference scenario and one off-axis scenario representing
a minimum of four off-axis factors is required for compliance with this document.
6.3.1 Building operation summary
This section must identify any issues noted with the building design, including but not limited to the
issues listed in the table below:
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