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NABERS Energy Guide to Building Energy Estimation
3 Estimating a whole building or base building rating under NABERS ENERGY
The NABERS ENERGY Base Building and Whole Building Ratings
NABERS Energy awards stars based on the greenhouse performance of rated space, with a higher number of stars
for better performance. The number of stars is determined from the normalised emissions figure in kgCO2/m2,
which is calculated from the type and quantity of energy consumed and the rated area, normalised for hours of use,
equipment density and climate.
The NABERS Energy base building rating rates the greenhouse performance of the landlord operated services in an
office building. The NABERS Energy whole building rating rates the greenhouse performance of the combination
of landlord services and tenancies in an office building.
This section discusses the calculation of the NABERS Energy Whole Building and Base Building ratings only.
Details on the NABERS Energy tenancy rating are provided in the NABERS Guide to Tenancy Energy Estimation.
The key items of data required are:
The net lettable area of the office space being rated, less exclusions for non-office or otherwise
non-assessable items.
The energy consumed by the base building (Base Building rating) or the whole building (Whole
Building rating)
Hours of occupancy; and
The number of computers (Whole Building rating only)
These are discussed in Section 0.
A simulation result does not constitute an accredited rating under NABERS Energy. This can only be provided by
an accredited performance rating conducted by an Accredited Assessor. The NABERS National Administrator
strongly recommends that an NABERS Accredited Assessor be used to advise on the application of the NABERS
Energy methodology to new or refurbished buildings entering into a Commitment Agreement.
If there is any doubt as to application of the NABERS Energy methodology for the inclusion or exclusion of a
particular item of information (eg the area of a particular space or the energy associated with another space), advice
should be sought from the NABERS National Administrator or an NABERS Accredited Assessor
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