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The goal of this assignment is to create a star schema for a
data warehouse. The data warehouse is for the National
Hospital Council. Analysts are trying to detect trends in
patient deaths that occurred at hospitals. Management
wants to know if the number of deaths by certain diseases
are increasing or decreasing over time. In addition
management wants to know patient death trends by hospital
and doctor.
1. Reporting in the data warehouse must be possible by
cause of death. The number of deaths by each cause
by month over time is required. This information must
by reported by hospital and by doctor also.
2. Here
is the database schema for the online transaction
database. You can assume an extraction process (ETL)
exists that will go through the online transaction
database and create the necessary data for whatever
star schema you design. You do not need to create
this ETL process.
3. Create
the appropriate dimension table(s) and fact
table(s) for the data warehouse.
4. Underline
the primary key column(s) in each table and
italicize the foreign key column(s) in each table unless
you use Microsoft Access. See the information below
if you use Access.
5. Put
your name in the top right corner of the document
unless you use Access. You do not need to add your
name if you use Access. This is part of the assignment
and is one of the things I grade.
6. Create
your schema using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint,
Microsoft Access, or OpenOffice Writer. Name your file
star_schema. The correct file name is part of the
assignment and is one of the things I grade. Check
with your instructor for approval before using any
other application for this assignment.
Here is an example of how your solution should look if you
are you using these specific tools: Word (view, download),
PowerPoint (view, download), Access (view,download),
Writer (view, download). This example is for a sales data
warehouse and is for demonstration of the assignment
format only. Your assignment is not for a sales data
warehouse and will not necessarily have table content like
these. You can download the samples and change them for
this assignment if you think this will make the assignment
easier for you. Remember to change the file name if you
download and use one of these files. Here is a video (8:47
min, .wmv) that shows you how to set up the database
relationships window in Access. It is this window that
displays the schema necessary for this assignment.