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Leonard B Meyer
Leonard B. Meyer was a composer, author, and philosopher. He contributed major
works in the fields of aesthetic theory in Music, and compositional analysis.Meyer
studied at Columbia University, where he received both a B.A. in Philosophy, and an
Leonard B Meyer:"Because of the variables and the complexity
of their interaction, the data assembled by descriptive
musicology yield relatively few observable regularities."
#Science and Scientists
Leonard B Meyer:"In 'pure' instrumental music, the strategies
chosen by composers to create unity were responsive to the
tenets of Romanticism...Even in the absence of an explicit
program, motivic continuity created a kind of narrative
coherence. Like the chief character in a novel, the 'fortunes' of
the main motive--its development, variation, and encounters
with other 'protagonists'--served as a source of constancy
throughout the unfolding of the musical process."
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