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Product Overview – Atrauman AG
Atrauman Ag is a silver impregnated, fine weave; non-adherent, triglyceride
impregnated silver wound contact dressing with anti-bacterial properties.
It is a hydrophobic, polyester tulle impregnated with a triglyceride base
ointment. The ointment contains no paraffin or vaseline and the dressing is
permeable to wound exudate.
When Used
Used for the ataumatic wound treatment in all phases of wound healing
Leg ulcers
Pressure ulcers
Burns and scalds
Donor and recipient sites in skin grafting
Nail extraction or wedge resection.
The non-medicated triglyceride base impregnation makes Atrauman Ag
suitable for use in dermatology.
Contra Indications
Frequency of Change
Depending on the wound and levels of exudate, the dressing can be left on
for up to 7 – 10 days.
Versatile, can also be used at all stages of wound healing with the
appropriate secondary dressing
Secondary dressing can be changed without disturbing Atrauman AG
Non-adherent to minimise wound bed damage
Highly conformable fine-weave polyester retains dressing integrity
Allows easy passage of exudates away from wound surface
Impregnated with a a non-medicated, non-petroleum based
triglyceride that leaves no wound residues