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Born in Vienna, Austria in
Died in California in 1951
Known for his 12tone music
often called tone
12-Tone Music
•The row may begin on any of the
twelve tones of the octave.
•No tone is repeated until all twelve
tones have been stated. This is
the original row.
12-Tone Music
•No tone is played out of sequence.
•A tone may be used in any of its octaves.
•In general, outlines of broken triads are
12-Tone Music
• After the entire original row has been
stated, it may be used in the following
• It may be played backward (retrograde).
• It may be turned upside down (inversion).
• It may be turned upside down and played
backward (retrograde inversion).
Create your own composition
• Using another blank matrix and your “clock”, turn the numbers on
your matrix into note names. Fill in the whole matrix. When you
have finished it, check it with the Matrix Calculator linked on the
• Take your original row and write out the notes on the staff paper.
Once the original row is written, use any of your other choices to
continue the song. You must use at least one retrograde, one
inversion and one retrograde inversion.
Create your own composition
• You may change the octave of the notes, you may change the rhythm
of the notes, and then you may add a second line of music.
• The second line may come in at any time and may either be the first
line played as a round or a completely new version of the row.
Create your own composition
• Be sure that your notes are clearly written. All notes are oval in
• Line notes should fill half of the space above and half of the space
below. Space notes should go from line to line.
• Notes should be evenly spaced so that it is clear the order they are to
be played in. The notes on the second line of music should be lined
up beneath the first line of music.
Create your own composition
• Play your piece through on the iPad. If you want to play it with a
friend, feel free to work together and play the pieces on the iPad.