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Layers of Earth
Outermost layer
Thinnest under ocean
Thickest under continent
Crust + top of mantle = Lithosphere
Crust density
• Least dense overall layer
• Oceanic crust (basalt) is more dense than
• Continental Crust (granite)
Crust composition
• Solid rock—mostly silicon and oxygen
• Oceanic crust—basalt
• Continental crust--granite
Mantle Position
• Middle layer, thickest layer
• Top portion called the
Mantle Density
•Density increases with
depth of increasing
Mantle Composition
• Hot softened rock
• Contains iron (Fe) and magnesium
Core position
• Inner layer
• Consists of the outer and inner core
Core density
• Heaviest material; most dense layer
Core composition
• Mostly iron and nickel
• Outer core—slow flowing liquid
• Inner core--solid
Thickness of Layers
• Crust: (continental) 22-43 miles thick (1 % of
Earth’s volume)
• Mantle: 1,800 miles thick (84% of Earth’s
• Outer core: 1,400 miles thick
• Inner core: 790 miles thick
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