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Web 2.0
AWSF Meeting
April 15, 2007
Matthew Saunders
[email protected]
[email protected]
Web 1.0
 Web 1.0 refers to the original iteration
of Web sites.
 Generally static brochure style sites
 There was some movement with forums
and listservs towards more interactivity
What Web 2.0 Isn’t
 Web 2.0 is
 Web 2.0 is
Web Sites
 Web 2.0 is
 Web 2.0 is
 Web 2.0 is
not an upgrade to the Web
not a specific Web Site or
not isolated
not static
not a tangible product
So What is Web 2.0?
 Web 2.0 is an idea, a philosophy
 Ingrained in the Web 2.0 mindset is the
“Social Network”
 Collaboration
 Interactivity
 You don’t NEED to own the content in
your site
 It allows “EverythingCasting”
Social Networks
 Social Networks have existed since the
beginning of mankind
 We all have social networks
People at work
Your friends
Your family
Your clients
Your vendors
What Has the Internet Done?
 The emergence of Web 2.0 has…
 Extended our social networks beyond our
close knit groupings
 Made potential our social networks worldwide
 Given us the opportunity to network with
people we never could have before
 The idea is that you can promote
yourself, your brand, your company,
and what you care about using online
social networks.
What Tools Are There?
 Photosharing
 Blogging,,
 Videoblogging/Sharing YouTube,,
 And you can combine them all using
RSS feeds
So, What CAN I Do With Flickr
Instant Gratification with Cell Phones
RSS feeds
 Community Collaboration
How About REVVER?
Video Casting
Video Blogging
Video Sharing
Video Syndication
Revenue Sharing
 They do ALL the heavy lifting for you
Why YouTube Over REVVER
Huge audience
Well known name
Ease of RSS feeds
The muscle of GOOGLE behind it
Well…where do I start
 You need to:
 Watch
 Listen
 Read
 Create
 Link
Who is online?
 16-35 on sites like YouTube
 +50’s are becoming increasingly
 Mobile phones are becoming online
access tools
 Treo
 Sidekick
 iPhone
Content Management Tools
 So What if I Want MORE than a Hosted
 Drupal
 Joomla
What is Drupal?
 It is a free blog, forum, Website
development platform, poll, newsfeed
 Drupal can be almost anything you
want it to be.
 Drupal can be used to create simple
sites or complex sites.
If it is so good, why doesn’t
everybody use it?
 You need the following:
 A server capable of handling MySQL databases
 Some expertise configuring Drupal
 Some expertise using tools like FTP (file transfer
 Depending on how customized you want it
 Designing for the Web at some level
Web 2.0 Promotion
Technorati (
Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
QuickTime™ and a
TIFF (LZW) decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
QuickTime™ and a
TIFF (LZW) decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
Read Other’s Content
 And Comment
 Comment
 Comment
Many thanks to Roland Tanglao of Bryght for his input on “Everythingcasting”