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The Theatre of the English Restoration
After studying this chapter, the student should be able to:
Compare and contrast heroic and Restoration tragedy.
Differentiate among various Restoration comedies.
Describe the organization of acting companies during the Restoration.
Describe the relationship between government and the Restoration Theater.
Describe theatre architecture, scenery, costumes and lighting.
Lecture Topics
Who were the major Restoration playwrights?
Who were the leading actors of the Restoration?
How were the plays of the Restoration a reflection of the political climate of the times?
Were the plays, in effect, political statements?
Discussion Topics
How does The Country Wife exemplify Restoration Comedy?
Until the Restoration, women were not allowed to act on the English stage. How did the
arrival of the actress affect all aspects of the English theatre?
Describe the acting style of the English Restoration.
Compare and contrast Eleanor Gwynn and Anne Bracegirdle.
What made the scenic practices of Restoration England distinct from those of Italy and