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ACT 350-RL Series of Line/Load Reactors
Application Guide
ACT 350-RL Harmonic Compensated Line/Load Reactor is part of a full facility
solution that focuses on cleaning up the harmonic and high frequency noise
generated by your invertors, variable frequency drives (VFD), UPS’s and other
sensitive equipment. These robust filters are a power quality solution for any 6
pulse rectifiers or power conversion unit (like used by computer servers and x-ray
equipment). Unlike the competition, there is no need to derate the ACT reactors
as they are harmonic compensated and IGBT protected to assure optimum
performance, and are used specifically to reduce harmful harmonics produced
by inverters and VFD drives. ACT are conservatively designed to have higher
continuous and overload ratings that offers Reactor / Filters up to 690 VAC with
compatible impedance ratings.
Listed Surge Protection - Transient surges on AC power lines
cause rapid spikes on the DC Bus voltage which may cause
the inverter to “Trip” needlessly and indicate an over-voltage
protection condition. The ACT 350-RL Series 5% Reactor
filters is effective up to 99% spike protection. If space is
critical, to prevent other power quality products, the ACT
350-RL Series can also be installed with an optional surge
protection device (SPD) and Power Filter options. With this
combination, not only is the drive fully protected against
transient surges, but the upstream power panel is now
protected, extending the life of all electrical and electronic
loads on that power panel.
Harmonics & Power Noise – With the increase of electronic devices as the power load, power has become terribly
polluted inside the facility. While VFD’s and inverters can save a tremendous amount of electricity over the direct
fed motors and linear power supplies, this lower energy costs comes with a little talked about price, and that is
“Power Pollution”. Power pollution is any unwanted frequency other than 60 Hz that distorts the power ability to
deliver its full power to the load. These unwanted harmonics
and frequencies lower the life of motors, electronic
controllers and even the facility electric lights. By using an
ACT power quality filters and surge protection devices, these
harmful frequencies can be significantly reduced decreasing
maintenance costs and improving power delivery which saves
you electricity. 3% Impedance reactor yields 35 -55% THID
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5% Impedance reactor yields 25-45% THID
Note: for guaranteed compliance to IEEE 519 (5% THID) use an ACT Matrix Series D Filter
Motor Protection – Line/Load Reactors help to protect motors, controllers and cables from the high peak voltages
and fast rise time (dv/dt) which can be experienced in IGBT inverter applications when the distance between the
inverter and the motor is up to 300 feet. Over 300 feet applications may require a power testing company to take
measurements before product is installed.
Performance – ACT 350 RL Series is extremely robust and even at 150% of their rated current, these reactors still
have 100% of their nominal inductance. The typical tolerance on rated inductance by the competition is plus or
minus 10%. The reactors also have the advantage of reducing the operating temperatures & audible noise in the
motor loads.
Agency Approvals – The ACT 350 RL series reactors are manufactured to the exacting standards of MIL-1-45208,
VDE-0550 and the reactors components are UL Listed and CSA Certified. All UL approvals are for USA & Canada.
The Surge Protection Device when installed as an option is certified to ETL for USA & Canada.
The Line / Load Reactors components are listed to MTE at:
• CSA File #LR29753-13, Open units up to 2400A
• UL-508 File #E180243, Open up to 2400A
The Surge Protection Devices are listed to ACT Communications at;
• UL 1449 3rd Edition ETL File #3157187DAL-001A
NEMA Enclosures – The ACT 350 RL Series are standard in a NEMA Type 1 General purpose Indoor Enclosure.
NEMA-3R outdoor enclosures are available upon request to the factory.
Standard Application of ACT 350 RL Line/Load Reactors: – On the input
of motor VFD controller or 6 pulse nonlinear loads, RL Reactors protect
sensitive electronic equipment from electrical noise created by the drive
or inverter (notching, pulsed distortion or harmonics). The ACT 350 RL
Reactors protect the controller from surges or voltage spikes on the
incoming power lines and reduce harmonic distortion back into the facility
reducing facility power pollution helping to reduce VFD produced nonlinear current harmonics that may cause voltage distortion and effect
other devices power from the same AC main.
Multiple drives or inverters on a common power line require one reactor
per controller. Individual reactors provide the needed filtering between
each controller (reducing crosstalk) and with surge protection option
selected can provide optimum surge protection for each unit. A single
reactor serving several controllers does not provide adequate protection,
filtering or harmonic reduction when the system is only partially loaded.
In extended motor lead applications up to 300 feet use RL Reactors
between the inverter & motor to reduce dV/dT & motor terminal peak
voltage. The use of separate load reactor also protects the controller
from surge current caused by rapid change in the load, and even from a
short circuit at the load.
ACT Communications Contact Us | [email protected]
Facility Power Quality Strategy Using ACT Power Quality Products
Product Number
ACT 471, 455 & 453
Surge Protection with
Advanced EMI / Noise Filtering
>70% reduction in facility
ACT 470
Advance EMI/Noise Filtering
>70% reduction in facility
ACT 350
Line/Load Reactor Filter
Reduce Harmonic Noise that
damages equipment like VFD
motors, breaker and wiring and
transformer windings
ACT 320
Power Factor Filter
Improve power transfer to motors –
Saves up to 8% on electrical cost to
Every facility has a unique power fingerprint and no two sites are alike. ACT Communications, Inc recommends
that a proper power quality audit always be conducted before adding new electrical loads to a facility. This audit
will provide a facility manager with much needed information about the power in a facility and will allow proper
product recommendations for which ACT products are right for your facility.
ACT Communications Contact Us | [email protected]
ACT Communications Contact Us | [email protected]
ACT Communications Contact Us | [email protected]
ACT 350 Model Number Codes
ACT 350-UUUU-RL-VVVV-W-X-YY Line/Load Reactor Filter
UUUU Voltage Type
120/240 V
240/480 V
120/208 V
277/480 V
380/600 V
480Delta V
600Delta V
RL - VVVV Fundamental Current Amps
Fill in load current, examples:
1 amp
30 amp
100 amp
1500 amp
Enclosure Style
Standard NEMA 1 indoor enclosure
NEMA 3R Outdoor
Reactor Impedance percent
3 % General Purpose
5 % Best Performance for Harmonic Mitigation
ACT Communications ACT 452 40kA Surge Protection Device
ACT 470 Advanced EMI/ Noise Filter module
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