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Guang Hu
5480 S.Ellis Ave. Apt.2, Chicago, IL 60615
Email: [email protected] Tel: (773) 363-5399
Objective To obtain a full time software engineer position working in a challenging group
University of Chicago, M.S. Computer Science. Expected 06/2002
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Minor. Computer Science. 08/2001
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, M.Arch. Architecture. 08/2001
Beijing Polytechnic University, P.R.China, B.S. Architecture. 07/1994
Working Experience
Library of Fire Service Institute, University of Illinois 08/2001-present Position: Technical Assistant
Provide computer-related technical assistance to the FSI Library
Library of Fire Service Institute, University of Illinois 08/1999-08/2001 Position: Graduate Assistant
Participated in The LSTA 2001 Full Year Grant Project - developed creative and integrated distance
learning library services for the online Firefighter II Certification Program in Illinois using VBScript,
ASP and MS Access, InMagic. Web Site:
Participated in The LSTA 2000 Full Year Grant Project - enhanced Library Web Home Page, FireTalk FSI Thesaurus, e-mail and listserv system. Designed the In-house Online System using InMagic.
Computer Projects
Database Management. Designed and implemented full-functional students’ grade database. 3,000 lines of code(msql,
Java, Unix); implemented the online registration and online request system. (MSAccess, VBScript and ASP)
Operating System. Implementing a fully functional OS(Yalnix kernel) from scratch. The Yalnix kernel includes
process management, memory management, process scheduling, interprocess communication, I/O systems,
demand paging and security. About 6,000 lines of code (C/C++)
Computer Graphic. Implemented the 2-D raster algorithms, clipping lines and polygons, parametric cubic curves,
parametric bicubic surfaces, ray tracing algorithms. (OpenGL, C/C++)
Compiler. Implemented a subset of ML (functional language programming) compiler, the source is ML syntax, t he
target is assembly language. It consists of lexer, parser, code generator. 2,000 lines of code(C++, flex, and bison)
Unix System Programming. Bash shell scripting and command line quoting; regular expression parsing and
engines (grep, egrep, sed, awk, vi); processes and signals (fork, etc.); pipes (unnamed and FIFOs); System
V IPC (semaphores, message queues, shared memory); Berkeley Sockets; Sun RPC; POSIX pThreads.
2,000 lines of code (shell script, command line quoting, C/C++ and etc)
Logic Design. Implemented full function of ALU and CPU using LogicWork
Web Design. Implemented online request using MS Access, VBScript and ASP.
Technical Skills
Languages: C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Unix shell, Sparc and Intel assembly, OpenGL, SQL, Flex, Bison, VBScript,
ASP, FORTRAN, Awk and etc.
Tools: Purify, GNU debugger, Visual C++, Virtual Basic, Sun IDE workshop, AutoCAD, 3D Studio
Max, Photoshop, PageMaker, Dreamweaver.
Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, SunOS), Windows 2000, Windows NT, MSDOS, MacOS.
Specialty: Unix System Programming, Networking Security, Database Development, Kernel Design, Web Design and
Courses Attendence JAVA, C++, VB Programming; Data Structure; Logic Design; Database; Compiler; Computer
Graphic; Operating System; Architecture; Algorithm; Unix Programming; Object Oriented Architecture, Design, and
Methodology; Networking Security; Networking.
"Managing the Fire Emergency Article Database at the Illinois Fire Service Institute Library," Coauthor with Lian Ruan, Informant (Illinois Chapter, Special Libraries Association), 2001.
"Integrating 'Make Request on the Web' with the FSI Library OPAC," Co-author with Lian Ruan,
Informant (Illinois Chapter, Special Libraries Association), 2001.
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