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Greek Gods and Goddesses Presentation
You are responsible for researching and presenting the following information on your assigned
Greek god or goddess. Include the following in your notes and presentation:
1) Greek name of god or goddess
2) Roman name of god or goddess
3) Realm
4) Symbols
5) Other important information
a. Thorough background information about god or goddess.
(Parents? Siblings? Married? Where is he or she from? Where does he/she live?)
b. Special Talents, skills, or traits (strong, beautiful, etc.)
c. Weaknesses or areas that cause trouble for the god or goddess (lust, liar, etc.)
Visual Aide
You will create a poster to aid in your presentation using Google Drawing.
This poster must include all of the above information as well as a visual representation
of your god or goddess.
Make sure the writing and images on the poster are large enough for us to see from the
You will research your assigned god or goddess in the computer lab. Start by using the following
Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology—This site is easy to read and has a lot of information.
The Olympians—When this site loads, it has a picture of the Olympians. You are able to click on
each one to find out more about that god or goddess. Pay attention to the symbols that each on has to
figure out the gods and goddesses.
Greek Mythology—This site is very helpful in learning about your god or goddess. It loads very
Greek God/Goddess/Hero/Monster Presentation Notes
Name: ________________________________
Group Members: ___________________________________________
God or Goddess (Greek Name): ______________________
Other Info