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Top Education Institute
Casual Chinese Editor/
Marketing position
New Casual Chinese editor for our online website and other marketing material in Chinese.
We are seeking a passionate and dedicated Online Marketing / Social Media person to join our
team of dedicated and passionate marketers.
This is a Casual position
Between 15 – 20 hours
Top Education Institute has been a leader in innovative private higher education since its inception
in 2001. Top Education Institute, through its two professional schools, the Sydney City School of
Business and Sydney City School of Law, is committed to providing quality higher education in
international business and law studies leading to careers in law, accounting, business, and other
professional areas in the public and private, domestic and international sectors.
The role will report to the Marketing coordinators (International and Domestic) and will be
responsible for updating the website and marketing material in Chinese:
Must have Australian work rights to apply for this casual position
Good business and technical writing skills in Chinese, preferably with editing / digital marketing.
Strong Organisational skills and attention to detail
Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively both internally and externally, with
advanced Chinese (Mandarin) and English written and spoken business communications skills
Experience in Goggle, AdWords, Professional, SEO and social media campaigns
Can-do attitude and self-starter
The casual job is open to Top Education Student and will require you to demonstrate your skills, you
must have Australian work rights to apply for this position.
If you are interested in this job, please email the below content to
[email protected]
A Cover Letter indicating your ability to meet the above requirements no more than 2 pages.
A Resume and referees
Applications close on 30 November 2016