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ME589—Exploration and mining of sedimentary-hosted uranium
You can work in groups, but everyone must write their own answers. If anyone copies
word for word from someone else, both students will receive a 0. If you copy from a
published or internet source, use quotes and cite the references. Keep answers short, but
Due May 9, 2008
1) What does a scintollometer measure? What do the measurements mean and how
can you use this instrument in uranium exploration?
2) What is a basin? What are the types of basins? Give examples.
3) What is basin analysis? Why is basin analysis important in exploring for uranium?
Why is basin analysis important in mining and reclaiming for uranium?
4) Why are limestones typically poor host rocks for uranium mineralization? What is
different about the Todilto Limestone uranium deposits?
5) What criteria are needed to determine the depositional environment of a
sedimentary rock?
6) What are some of the political, economic, technical, and social factors a company
must evaluate in order to decide to continue to explore in an area?
7) How can you mine uranium? How does geology control these mining methods?
8) What environmental considerations must be taken into account in order to mine
for uranium in New Mexico?
9) What are the steps involved developing an exploration plan for uranium?
10) How do you recognize an ore body from a prospect?