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Multinational Market Regions
and Market Groups
Chapter 10
Multinational Market Regions
• What are they?
• Basis
– Economic
– Political
– Geographic proximity
– Cultural factors
Types of Multicultural Cooperation
• Regional Cooperation Groups
• Free Trade Area
• Customs Union
• Common Market
• Political Union
• European Community
– The Single Europe Act
• Harmonization
• Mutual recognition
– EC Institutions
• Council of Ministers, European Parliament,
European Court of Justice
– European Free Trade Association & European
Economic Area
• European Union
– Maastricht Treaty
• Economic & Monetary Union
• Political integration
– Treaty of Amsterdam (1997)
• Expansion
• Marketing in Europe
– Opportunities
– Problems
– Reciprocity
• Marketing Mix Implications
• Commonwealth of Independent States
• Central European Free Trade Area
The Americas
• North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA)- 1994
– Three countries
• Southern Cone Free Trade Zone
– Most influential zone in South America
– Brazil
The Americas
• Latin America Integration Association
• Caribbean Community and Common
Asian-Pacific Rim
• Association of Southeast Asian Nations
– ASEAN+ Japan, China, and South Korea
• Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Other Trade Areas
• Africa
– Economic Community of West African States
– South African Development Community
• Middle East
– Arab Common Market
– Arab Free Trade Area
– Regional Cooperation for Development
– Organization of the Islamic Conference
The Future?
• Powerful Trade Areas
• Emerging Market Focus
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