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Virtual Java Operating Tool (VJOT) is developed keeping in mind the
problems faced by user in windows and Linux operating systems. Commands and
utilities have been made in such a way that there is no need for user to learn
commands of both the operating systems.
Project Statement
To build a shell and a kernel system in such a way that it will work perfectly
in windows and Linux operating systems.
There will be advanced utilities developed such as File Zipper, File Splitter, Paint
and WordPad so that the user will have the convenience to use these utilities
provided in the tool rather than using the operating systems utilities.
The output will be the same in all the case whatever might be the platform but we
need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for our tool to work.
Problem in Existing System
Windows user faces a problem while working on Linux Systems and same applies
to a Linux user when he wants to work on the windows system.
For e.g.: In windows when we want to see directories we type ‘dir’ command
whereas in Linux we type ls command to view the directories.
When platform changes both user take time to learn new commands
We need extra algorithm to solve memory management problem.
Solution Provided
Common shell for both the platform
No need to learn new platforms command
Intel Pentium or more, IBM Cyrix(Intel compatible)
Hard Disk
20 GB hard disk
Minimum 256 ram Recommended for data processing.
Operating System
Programming Environment
Microsoft Windows 2000
Style Sheets
Web server
Apache Tomcat
Web browsers
Scripting language
Internet Explorer
Java Script
Database Drivers
Jdbc/Odbc Drivers (Type 1)