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State Legislative Update
Maine Cancer Consortium Annual Meeting
Presentation by Hilary Schneider,
State Director of Government Relations and Advocacy, ACS CAN
May 2, 2014
It’s not over until it’s over
• Statutory adjournment – April 16th
• Legislature worked until early AM April 18th
• Veto override day – May 1st
Unless legislation passed on emergency basis, laws will go into effect 90 days
after legislature adjourns.
ACS CAN’s 2014 State Legislative Priorities
Accepting federal funding to provide
expanded health coverage through
Oral Chemo Parity
Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Coverage
Fund for a Healthy Maine
Maine Legislative Session Highlights
126th Legislature, 2nd Session
Good news, first…..
Maine has the most comprehensive, barrierfree Medicaid tobacco cessation benefit in
the country
Cancer patients will have insurance
coverage for oral chemotherapy that is equal
to IV chemo
Biomedical bond bill that would provide $10
million likely to Jackson Lab will go to voters
for approval in November
Medicaid Tobacco Cessation – LD 386
Provides comprehensive, evidencebased coverage for tobacco cessation
services and medications to all adult
MaineCare members
• All cessation meds approved by FDA or
recommended as effective by United States
Public Services Task Force Clinical
Practice Guidelines
• Individual AND group counseling
• No copays, deductibles or cost-sharing
• No annual or lifetime limits or quit
attempt limits
• Cannot require counseling to receive meds
• Must maximize all available federal
Oral Chemo Parity – LD 627
Requires health insurance carriers
that provide coverage for cancer
chemotherapy to include coverage
for orally administered anticancer
medications that is equivalent to
the coverage provided for IV or
injected anticancer medications
Applies to all coverage issued or
renewed on or after January 1,
An increase in patient cost
sharing may not be used to achieve
Biomedical Research Bond – LD 1756
Bond bill to provide $10 million in funding
(matched by $11 million in private investment)
Funding “to expand the State's research
capabilities in the areas of mammalian
genetics and murine biometric analytics”
Awarded through competitive process
Goes to voters for approval in November
Question wording: “Do you favor a $10,000,000
bond issue, to be awarded through a
competitive process and to be matched by
$11,000,000 in private and other funds, to
build a research center and to discover
genetic solutions for cancer and the diseases
of aging, to promote job growth and private
sector investment in this State, to attract
and retain young professionals and make the
State a global leader in genomic medicine?"
Other news….
Tobacco settlement dollars
allocated to prevention programs
including tobacco and obesity
prevention (LD 1719)
• $5 million one-time funding as
a result of arbitration ruling
in favor of Maine
• Bill amended by appropriations
committee and passed out of
committee unanimously
• Passed by large supermajorities
of Legislature
• Vetoed by Governor
Federal Funds to Increase Access to
Legislature passed three bills to accept federal funds to increase access
to Medicaid coverage (LDs 1487, 1578, 1640)
Bipartisan support for proposals
1 included managed care; another included using federal funds to
purchase private insurance coverage
All 3 bills vetoed by Governor
Missed opportunity to provide health coverage to 70,000 low-income
Mainers, including access to cancer screenings, tobacco cessation, and lifesaving cancer treatment
Budget Debate
$1.50 increase in cigarette
excise tax and equalization of
tax on non-cigarette tobacco
products considered and
ultimately not included in
Proposed across the board cuts
of 1% considered and rejected
Would have impacted MBCHP
Unexpended tobacco settlement
funding swept into general fund
Other issues considered
Bills considered, but not passed:
Bill to continue work of cancer commission and conduct obesity
study commission
Issue considered, passed as amended:
Provider network disclosure (Public Law, Chapter 535) – went into
law w/o Gov’s signature
Some federal issues….
ACS CAN is currently working on a
variety of federal issues
Appropriations for cancer
research and prevention/early
detection funding
Quality of Life/Palliative Care
Medicare colorectal screening
Federal tobacco tax
FDA regulation of tobacco
We Need YOUR Voice
Get involved!
Become an ACS CAN member
Stay educated on the issues…
“Like” ACS CAN Maine on Facebook (
Respond to Action Alerts
Sign petitions, contact your legislators
Join ACS CAN’s volunteer Advocacy Committee: meets the 3rd Monday
of every month
For more information
Contact me:
Hilary Schneider
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 207-373-3707
Thank you!