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Business & Computer Science
Education Department
Full Credit Courses
• Accounting
• Business & Personal Law
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance & Investment
• AP Computer Science
• AP Computer Science A
Half Credit Courses
• Intro to Business
• Intro to Computer Science &
• Intro to Sports & Entertainment
• Marketing
• Personal Finance & Career Planning
• Public Speaking & Business Etiquette
• Web Page Design
Accounting 6316
Grades 9-12
1 credit
• Provide a strong foundation in accounting principles
• Fundamentals of accounting theory and practices of business
• Interpretation of financial data related to service and merchandising
• Essential course for potential business major in college
Business & Personal Law 6566
Grades 10-12
1 credit
• Understand your rights, obligations, and responsibilities
under the law
• Civil and criminal procedures, contracts and employment,
consumer protection, mock-trail procedures, and
personal law
• Presentations from DEA and FBI agents, lawyers, judges,
field trip to Chester Country
• Recommended for students who are interested in careers
in law, criminal justice, public policy, and business-related
Entrepreneurship 6437
Grades 9-12
1 credit
• Explore the opportunity of owning and operating your own business
• Overview of what is required to open a business
• Develop a product and create a business to determine your
potential as an entrepreneur
• Develop a business plan
• Build a working relationship with the Exton Chamber of Commerce
and community
Finance & Investment 6337
Grades 11-12
1 Credit
• Focus on how to use investments to increase personal wealth
• Emphasis on return on investing, liquidity, risk, and
• Understand the stock market, fixed-income investments, and
mutual funds
• Participate in an online Stock Market game
• Recommended to take Accounting or Introduction to Business
AP Computer Science Principles 6985 AP
Grades 10-12
1 credit
• Introduce the essential ideas of computer science
• Create mobile apps that has practical, real world use
• Address real world issues and concerns and bring your
ideas of solving them to life
• Project-based course with thorough assessment an end
of course AP exam
• Recommended for those interested in technology and
computer science or business careers
AP Computer Science A 6975 AP
Grades 10-12
1 credit
• Parallel an introductory college-level programming course
• Focus on object-oriented programming and algorithm
• Design and analyze programs to solve complex problems
and ethical implications on technological advances
• Understand data structures, arrays, inheritance, Big O
• Recommended if you would like to pursue a career in
Computer Science, Engineering, or Mathematics
Introduction to Computer
Science/Programming 6991
Grades 9-12
.5 credit
• Understand that computer science enables students to be both educated
consumers of technology and innovative creators
• Focus on skills such as logical reasoning, computational thinking, and problem
solving through discovery learning
• Help students realize that Computer Science leads to multiple career paths in
Introduction to Business 6218
Grades 9-11
. 5 credit
• Provides the opportunity to develop the skills and
techniques necessary for success in the local and
global workplace
• Introduce the basics of finance, decision making
process, and economic principles
• Solid introduction to the other business courses,
such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance
and Investment, and Marketing
Intro to Sports &
Entertainment Management 6458
Grades 9-12
.5 credit
• Comprehensive look at the basic organizational structures
and managerial concepts found in sport and
entertainment industry
• Introduced to tools and techniques involved in running a
sport, fitness, or entertainment organization
• Simulate running the many phases of a football franchise
or entertainment venue
• Practice handling promotion, developing ticket pricing
strategies, evaluating location, and more
Marketing 6448 or IA6448
Traditional &Grades
.5 credit
• Practice product development and decision making regarding distribution,
pricing, and promotion
• Understand the marking concept, marketing mix, and legal and ethical issues
faced by marketers
• Create commercials, and press releases
• Offered in both traditional and blended formats
• Blended course meets with the teacher twice per cycle with online studies
occurring once per cycle
Personal Finance/Career Planning
6416 or IA6416
Traditional & Blended Options
Grades 9-12
.5 credit
• Study money management skills such as savings and investing, budgeting, and
managing debt
• Gain understanding of consumer credit and protection, student loans, and insurance
• Analyze personal career interests, values, and aptitudes; research educational and
training requirements
• Practice basic job search skills
Public Speaking &
Business Etiquette 6426
Grades 9-12
.5 credit
• Increase students’ comfort level when speaking in
front of a group
• Improve daily communication and interactive skills
• Practice making a variety of formal and informal
speeches both individually and with a team
• Discuss basic workplace etiquette
Web Design 6238
Grades 9-12
.5 credit
• Focus on web page planning, basic design,
layout, working with images, setup and
maintenance of a website
• Understanding basic website functionality
along with creative skills that will enable
you to create your own website
• Use various web authoring software and
tools to develop web site