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APPENDIX A: Variable description
Wage data is the log deflated monthly earnings actually received including the base wage,
tenure-related and other regularly paid components. Wages are deflated using the consumer
price index.
Worker covariates: Tenure is defined as the number of years with the same firm, schooling as
the number of completed years of education and skilled as having a number of completed
years of education higher than 12 (that marks the end of high-school in Portugal).
Sector covariates: The Herfindahl-Hirschman index of industrial concentration in industry K
is defined as
hhiK = ∑ (mshareJ ) 2 where mshare J is the market share of firm J of
J ∈K
industry K defined as firm sales over total industry sales. The level of openness for industry
K in 1988 (indop88) is defined as the ratio of total industry trade (imports plus exports) to
domestic demand (industry sales plus net imports).
Source weighted industry real exchange rate index: is defined as the weighted average of the
log real exchange rate of each of the importing countries. The weights are the shares of each
foreign country’s imports in industry total imports in a base period (1990-1991). Real
exchange rates are nominal exchange rates (expressed in foreign currency per escudo)
multiplied by the Portuguese consumer price index and divided by the foreign country
consumer price index. Nominal exchange rates have been provided by the Bank of Portugal
and foreign consumer prices index’s from the International Financial Statistics of the
International Monetary Fund.
Firm covariates: The firm size is defined as the number of employees, firm (nominal
average) labour productivity as the ratio of firm sales to number of employees, firm age as
current year minus year of creation of the firm, and percentage of foreign capital as share of
foreign capital in equity.