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Assignment: Lecture 5A
1.) (10 pts.) A credit card customer at Asia Book’s can use Visa (V), MasterCard (M), or
American Express (A). The merchandise may be books (B), electronic media (E), or
other (O). (a) Enumerate the elementary events in the same space describing a
customer’s purchase. (b) Would each elementary event be equally likely? Explain.
2.) (10 pts.) A baseball player bats either left-handed (L) or right-handed (R). The player
either gets on base (B) or does not get on base (B’). (a) Enumerate the elementary events
in the sample space. (b) Would these elementary events be equally likely? Explain.
3.) (10 pts.) Are these characteristics of a student at your university mutually exclusive or
not? Explain.
a. A = works 20 hours or more, B = major in accounting
b. A = born in the United States, B = born in Thailand
c. A = owns a Toyota, B = owns a Honda
4.) (10 pts.) Given P(A) = 0.4, P(B) = 0.5, and P(A  B) = 0.05, find (a) P(A  B), (b)
P(A | B), and (c) P(B | A). (d) Sketch a Venn diagram.
5.) (10 pts.) Samsung ships 21.7 percent of the liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in the
world. Let S be the event that a randomly selected LCD was made by Samsung. Find (a)
P(S), (b) P(S’), (c) the odds in favor of event S, and (d) the odds against event S.
6.) (10 pts.) List two binary events that describe the possible outcomes of each situation.
a. A pharmaceutical firm seeks FDA approval for a new drug.
b. A baseball batter goes to bat.
c. A woman has a mammogram test.
7.) (10 pts.) Given P(A) = 0.4, P(B) = 0.5, and P(A  B) = 0.05. (a) Find P(A | B). (b)
In this problem, are A and B independent? Explain.
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