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Over 70? Be clear on breast cancer
One in three women diagnosed with breast cancer are over 70 years old – do you
know the symptoms to look for?
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in England, with around 41,500 women
diagnosed each year – and can even be found in men.
The risk of breast cancer increases with age and one in three women who get breast cancer
are over 70 years old.
How do I check?
Checking your breasts regularly is essential – cancer is much easier to treat if found at an
early stage – so you should check at least once a month.
You should feel the whole of both breasts and your armpits to see if anything is different.
Also, look in the mirror to see if you notice any changes.
What should I look for?
The first symptom is usually a lump in your breast or armpit – although this might not always
mean cancer.
Other symptoms can include changes to the skin or nipple, changes to the shape and size of
your breast, discharge from either of your nipples and pain in your breast or armpit.
If you, or someone you care for, have noticed any symptoms - tell a doctor as soon as
What can I do to reduce the risk?
Women over 70 are entitled to breast cancer screening every three years. You can contact
your local breast screening unit to arrange an appointment. Visit to find your local unit.
You can reduce the risk of cancer by leading a healthy lifestyle. Visit for help with quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, maintaining a
healthy weight and getting active.
Find out more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer
020 3465 6631