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Rachel Gagliardo, Paul Trujillo, Tim
Lee, Carolina Charvet
The Nucleolus is the part of the Nucleus that
provides structure. It is also the place where
Ribosomal RNA is built. It is made out of
Nucleic acids and Proteins, and consists of 3
layers, the Fibrillar center, the dense fibrillar
component, and the granular component.
Found on,
• The chromatin is found inside the nucleus of cells
• The major proteins involved in chromatin
are histone proteins. DNA is packaged
into chromatin thereby decreasing the
size of the molecule and allowing the cell
to control the chromatin-packaged
• Both plant and animal cells have
• Chromosomes
are located in
the middle of
the Nucleus
• The Function of
the chromosomes
is to carry strands
of DNA. Some
chromosomes can
decide the sex of
the offspring
• There are Different
types of
However in plants
and animals the
chromosome shape is
the same.
Importance Of Chromosomes
Nuclear Envelop
Location: It surrounds the nucleus.
Structure: It is a double lipid bilayer. The nuclear envelope has two membranes. It
has nuclear pores that regulate the exchange of materials between the nucleus
and the cytoplasm. The membrane its also consist of ribosomes.
Function: serves as a physical barrier, separating the contents of the nucleus (DNA
in particular) from the cytosol (cytoplasm). It plays a role in the organization and
transcriptional activity of chromatin.
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