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The “555 Timer”
A quick Intro
What is a Timer?
• a small chip which generates a constant
electrical pulse.
• Used extensively in electronics
• The CPU has a timer which regulates it’s
speed. Ex: 500 MHz, 2 GHz
The 555 Timer
• This is the most widely used timer chip
• Generates a pulse using a capacitor and
some resistors
• The resistors and capacitors regulate it’s
A Capacitor?
• Capacitors accumulate and release
electric charge
• Used in almost all electronic devices
• Units: Farad
– A Farad is a very large quantity our capacitors
will be measured in microfarads (F)
The Timer
The dot indicates pin 1
Your Job(s) For today:
• Use the wiring instructions found in the
assignment to set up your timer.
• Create a schematic of your circuit in Tina
– Include a Key!
• Create a chart matching the different
resistor values with the output