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Installing Eclipse for Java Training – WomenWhoCode
1. Please download “Eclipse” from this link:
(It has download links for Windows as well as Macs)
This is the Eclipse version for Developers .. This is the one you need for the Java training – The Enterprise
Eclipse version (EE) will not work.
2. Unzip the downloaded eclipse folder at a location of your choice.
3. Go into the unzipped folder and drag the “eclipse.exe” icon to the task bar at the bottom of your
Main Desktop – “Pin to Taskbar”
JDK Download:
1. From the link below
Click “Accept License Agreement “ and download the JDK appropriate for your machine.
2. On being installed, you should see a folder called jre* at the location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java
1. Double click the Eclipse icon that you pinned to the task bar to start your IDE environment.
2. It will ask you for workspace path on initial start
Please use the path C:\Users\<your_id>\workspace
3. To start a new project click :
File (top left corner) -> New -> Java Project
Give a project name (eg: “Trial” ) and click “Finish”
You will see the project created in the left “Package Explorer” section.