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Important Facts
Global Locations
• Global Employees: 4,000+
• Founded in 1991
• ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified
• AS 9100 Certified
• IOHSAS 18001 Certified
• ISO/TS 16949 Certified
• FY 12 Revenue: $871.4 Million
• FY12 Total Assets: $964.6 Million
• Website:
Design, Support, and Sales Locations
Boston, MA (DC)
Brooksville, FL (DC)
Broomfield, CO (DC)
Carlsbad, CA (S, CS, DC)
Cedar Rapids, IA (DC)
Chandler, AZ (DC)
Charlotte, NC (DC)
Dallas, TX (DC)
Greensboro, NC
(HQ, DC, S, CS)
Westlake Village, CA (DC)
San Jose, CA (DC)
Torrance, CA (DC)
Aalborg, Denmark (DC)
Bangalore, India (S)
Beijing, China (S, CS)
Helsinki, Finland (DC)
Nuremberg, Germany (DC)
Reading, United Kingdom (S, DC, CS)
Seoul, Korea (S, CS)
Shanghai, China (S, CS)
Shenzhen, China (S, CS)
Stockholm, Sweden (S)
Taipei, Taiwan (S, CS)
Tokyo, Japan (S)
Toulouse, France (DC)
End Markets
• Aerospace and Defense
• Broadband CPE
• Cellular Handset, Mobile, and M2M Devices
• Point-to-Point
• Power Conversion
• Smart Energy AMI
• WiFi
• Wireless Infrastructure
• Foundry Services
Optimum Technology Matching® Strategy
RFMD’s success is driven in part by our deep
design expertise in multiple semiconductor process
technologies—GaAs HBT, Si BiCMOS, SiGe BiCMOS,
GaN HEMT—and our Optimum Technology Matching®
(OTM) strategy. Through OTM, RFMD engineers match the
appropriate technologies to each product according to
the best possible combination of price and performance.
HQ = Headquarters
DC = Design Center
S = Sales
CS = Customer Support
Manufacturing Locations
Beijing, China: Semiconductor assembly; internal module
packaging; test, and tape and reel assembly
Brooksville, FL: Multi-chip module manufacturing and test
Broomfield, CO: Defense and power device assembly
and test
Greensboro, NC: Open Foundry Services;
Compound semiconductor fabrication and test;
GaN and GaAs
Nuremberg, Germany: CATV component manufacturing
RFMD Corporate Headquarters, 7628 Thorndike Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409 USA
Phone 336.664.1233