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Launching the
…Rescuing a
Generation in
Launching the Next Generation…
…Rescuing a Generation in Crisis!
Presented by:
Eric Burd & Dr. Jeff Klick
Sponsored by:
Hope Family Fellowship &
Household of Faith Fellowship of
Conference Overview:
Saturday am
9:20 am
Rebuilding Fatherhood
10:50 am
Reforming the Church
Conference Overview:
Saturday pm
2:00 pm
Launching the Next Generation –
(Family Discipleship & 14 Outcomes)
3:30 pm
Question & Answer Panel
Last night we established that
there are significant
Challenges in the Church Today.
First, future generations of
the church are in crisis…
…and it is our responsibility,
as Christian householders,
to reach our own children for
And that, as disciplers, we must…
…establish a lifestyle of
Intimacy with God
in order to reach our children
at a heart level
for Christ.
But, in reality, the
Generation in Crisis
is not the root problem…
…rather it is symptomatic of two
deeper malfunctions in the
church today…
1) The Disintegration of the
2) The Improper Functional Role
of the Church in relation to
the home.
In this session,
we will address a solution for the
disintegration of the Family…
…which is the Rebuilding of the
Role of Fatherhood
in our Christian
homes today …
In our second session
this morning Pastor Klick
will address
Reforming the Church,
steps the local church can take
to inform and equip parents to
more effectively fulfill their
biblical roles in discipleship.
Scripture clearly places the weight
of leading the home firmly upon
the shoulders of fathers.
So, for homes with single mothers
or other loving legal guardians, we
intend the term “fathers”
to apply to them as well.
Malachi 4:5-6
Mal 4:5
Behold, I will send you
Elijah the prophet before
the coming of the great and
dreadful day of the Lord…
Mal 4:6
And he shall turn the heart of the
fathers to the children, and the heart
of the children to their fathers, lest I
smite the earth with a curse.
Could the CURSE merely be the
natural consequence of
parents turning their affections
and attention to other things
rather than fulfilling their
God-assigned responsibilities
towards their children?
Could the CURSE for the turning
of father’s hearts from their
children be the emergence of
rebellious generations,
cultural disintegration
and the widespread
rejection, even persecution,
of those that hold to the
foundational principles
of the Christian faith?
Are typical Christian fathers today
alert and in tune with the role
that God has ordained for
them to play in the lives of
their wives and children?
Is it alarmist, or is
it merely
connecting the dots
to be concerned
that a CURSE may be
ascending upon our land?
Would you agree that today, we
are again in the need for the Lord
to turn the hearts of the fathers
toward their children…
…which should result in the hearts
of the children being turned to
their fathers?
In order for the home to be what
God intends for it to be …
…to produce the kind of children
that carry the work of the church
into the next generation…
… fathers must lead
as God has instructed
them to lead.
God has given headship of the home to
the father,
not to the wife…
…the state
…or the church.
Eph 5:23
For the husband is the head of the
wife even as Christ is the head of
the church,
God never intended for the
church to do the work of the
…nor pastors / elders
the work of the father.
Church and Home have a
dependence upon one
Neither can fulfill the
other’s role,
but together they
make discipleship whole.
But discipleship will only
effectively occur if we
intentionally and accurately
pass the gospel of Jesus Christ on
from one generation to the next.
Discipleship in
our homes must
be Intentional!
Deut 6:5-9  You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart and with all your soul and
with all your might. 6 And these words that I
command you today shall be on your heart.
7 You shall teach them diligently to your
children, and shall talk of them when you sit
in your house, and when you walk by the way,
and when you lie down, and when you rise.
8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand,
and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.
9 You shall write them on the doorposts
of your house and on your gates.
Doesn’t it make sense that to
effectively teach the Word…
… we must first know the
Word ourselves.
“If you cannot play the
saxophone, you can’t teach
your children to play the
-Jerry Burd
God is calling us out!
He is raising up a generation of
fathers who will affectionately
lead their children in the
commandments of God.
… may we experience the
fulfillment of Malachi 4:6
in our Generation.”
We must reverse the contemporary
western phenomenon of the
disintegration of the family…
…But, to do that we have to go against the
…we have to run into the wind…
…we have to swim upstream…
Put another way…
…we have to
be courageous!
Our culture, the media, political
correctness – these all elevate youth
and rebellion…
…they scoff parental authority…
…diminish the wisdom of age…
…mock every semblance of a biblical
…and emasculate the role of the
husband / father.
We must be courageous!
…battling every nuance of the
philosophies of men in the trenches
of our homes.
Rejecting the influences that
would undermine the biblical
influence of fatherhood
or the
nobility of motherhood.
We must realize that the only door to
rebuilding the Christian home…
…is to
Weak families make weak churches
and weak societies…
Strong families make strong churches
and strong societies…
And, of course,
Don’t we all want strong families?
So, how do we make
strong families?
Check This Out!
Scientists say they have
not yet discovered
perpetual motion…
But …
Strong Fathers BUILD strong Families.
Strong Families BUILD strong Churches.
Strong Churches BUILD strong Fathers.
Is this not…
….Spiritual Perpetual Motion?
Spiritual Perpetual Motion
is what we must have in order
to sustain the church…
…from generation to
…until Christ returns!
But there has been a
breakdown in the church…
Fathers may have been being
discipled to be good Christian…
But to disciple a father in every
aspect of the faith except
the discipling of his own
wife and children…
…is to teach a father to neglect
the single-most important
aspect of fatherhood.
Being equipped as to how best:
…manage a household well…
…be a loving and faithful husband…
…effectively disciple one’s children…
…These are areas in which the
church can bring significant
assistance to a man.
And the impact of his success or
failure in these endeavors stretch
well beyond his own household.
Every jurisdictions in our culture…
… all depend upon the stability of
the household for survival…
…and likewise disintegrate with the
disintegration of the home.
Let’s do now what we desire for all
Christian dads to do…
…let’s turn our attention toward
What does it mean to
“Rebuild Fatherhood?”
…it simply means to
restore fatherhood
to its proper role - its
originally-designed functions.
So, what is the father’s proper role…
…the proper, biblical function of
Fatherhood is best defined in terms
of how the father relates to
all of the other members
of his own household?
Every householder is biblically
mandated with 6 obligation to the
individuals in their own households, to:
1. Respect
2. Love
3. Lead
4. Provide
5. Protect
6. Disciple
1. Respect
Each individual is the head of their
own jurisdiction.
Even God respects the jurisdiction
of the individual.
Speaking to Cain, God said:
If you do well, will you not be accepted?
And if you do not do well,
sin is crouching at the door.
Gen 4:7
Be in awe of the fact that
- in the long term you cannot force the will
of those in your care.
Try with your children, to
make the gospel sweet as honey…
…and then appeal to the
work of the Holy Spirit
in their lives.
Ps 19:9-10
9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring for
the judgments of the Lord are true and
righteous altogether.
10 More to be desired are they than gold,
yea, than much fine gold:
sweeter also than honey and the
Our own sweet fellowship with
the Father…
…Intimacy with God…
Will help to make God and His
…appear sweet
… of value
…to be longed for
…by our children.
This is Key to
Biblical Parenting…
A life and lifestyle, the fruit of which
create a hunger and thirst for the
things of God in your children…
2. Love
Genuine love allows you to be
effective in the 4 remaining
First, Love Your Wife
The great biblical mandate
for every husband…
…and a vital function in
fulfilling the role of fatherhood!
Eph 5:25
25 Husbands, love your
wives, even as Christ also
loved the church, and gave
himself for it …
You must love her,
protect her,
and help her to attain to the
highest standards of the
Nobility of Motherhood.
And wives, you are partners
with your husbands in the
safe delivery of your children
from man’s cradle
to God’s Kingdom …
And your husband’s success is
your success…
…dwell with your husband
in peace …
…as his helpmeet, make it your
life’s ambition
to hear the Judge say to
your husband …
“Well done thou good
and faithful servant.”…
…That the Judge may
turn to you and say
The clearest picture of the gospel that
parents can give their children is a
love for one another as they
strive together in the same yoke
toward kingdom objectives.
…love your wives!
…………The Motorcycle Story………..
Agape Love is not about
our stuff…
…our personal hobbies…
…our free time…
…but, godly character.
Effective leaders do not hide their
…or manage appearances…
…but, transparently open up their
lives to God, to their wives and,
as appropriate, their children.
One of the most dramatic
ways a father can influence
his family for Christ is to
showcase – in himself – the power
of God to transform
the human soul.
Dad’s love for the members of
the home should include a
sacrificial …
love for each individual
member of the family.
3. Lead
Accept the Bible’s mandate
to lead…
…and you can only do this well
if points 1 and 2,
Respect and Love,
are already in place…
Everything that happens in the home:
Social and spiritual development
of all family members…
… all are the father’s full responsibility.
What On This Ship Is the
Captain Responsible For?
What On This Ship Is the
Captain Responsible For?
The husband IS the head
- the Captain whether he acts the part or not…
…a spirituall-absentee husband
totally dominates the home
 by his absence!
4. Provide
1 Tim 5:8
But if any provide not for
his own, and specially for
those of his own house, he
hath denied the faith, and
is worse than an infidel.
We love our wife by providing for her
a “castle” of her own…
…we role model for our sons the
character of diligence and hard-work…
…and we embody for our daughters the
focused, disciplined man that they
should be seeking in a husband.
5. Protect
…giving honor unto the wife, as unto
the weaker vessel.
- 1 Peter 3:7
Our wives’ “vessels” may be weaker…
but 360-degree protection of our homes
demands that we listen to our wives’
discerning and protective instincts…
We Protect By:
 Providing
 Being alert to physical dangers
 Intervening in destructive
decisions and behaviors
 Building strong character
 Forecasting future needs of family
 Anticipating spiritual dangers
6. Disciple
Thomas Watson:
“The Family
is the Seminary
of the Church.”
By default, everyone disciples
their children –
- toward their own personal
character, passions, and
We are not going to go into detail
on the importance of
the correction of a child…
…but know that we take it for
granted that the disciplining of a
child is a critical part of his
overall discipleship.
What is the world’s greatest
discipleship model?
A coliseum sporting a world-wide evangelist?
A room-full of saints huddled around the Bible?
Four pastors instructing one disciple? (4:1)
A gymnasium with a hip youth leader and
great technology, music, movies & pizza?
The world’s greatest
discipleship model is…
One Household,
- with 2 parents,
- each parent with a thirst for righteousness,
- modeling character that reflects Christ,
- and being driven to pass the baton of
Christ on to the next generation.
Youth Ministers in every home..
Parents are the world’s greatest
Youth Leaders!
Use the Ancient Pulpit of the Home to
transfer your life-transforming passions
and values on to your children…
Thorough discipleship includes
protecting our children from
harmful influences and
extends into every dimension
of relationships and education.
- Kids can be discipled at home
and un-discipled at school.
- Discipleship includes
Parental Responsibility
in the education of
our children.
We must train our children in every
aspect of spiritual things.
…We start by living the gospel…
…transformation is easier
caught than taught.
Deut 29:29
The secret things belong unto
the Lord our God:
but those things which are
revealed belong unto us and to
our children for ever,
that we may do all the words of
this law.
Disciple Your Children
Fathers must aspire to the role of
Household Theologian
…seeking out and delivering to their
children the secret things of God…
(Family Discipleship Plan
This afternoon at 1:30 pm)
…Teaching your children:
To Delight in the Word
This Book of the Law shall not depart
from your mouth, but you shall meditate
on it day and night, so that you may be
careful to do according to all that is
written in it. For then you will make your
way prosperous, and then you will have
good success.
Josh 1:8
To Be Faithful to Church and
Ministry Opportunities
And let us consider how to stir up one
another to love and good works,
25 not neglecting to meet together, as is
the habit of some, but encouraging one
another, and all the more as you see the
Day drawing near.
Heb 10:24-25
To Pray
To personally engage in spiritual
warfare on behalf of your wife and
children and to teach them to …
… enter the holy places by the
blood of Jesus,
Heb 10:19-20
And, everything we have
discussed today is all
for naught if we do not
teach them …
To Know Christ…
(1 John 1:1-2)
To Rebuild Fatherhood
is to restore fatherhood
to all of its
Biblical Functions.
The way we know when our
hearts have been
turned toward our children
is when we have willingly
fashioned our lives, our
schedules and our priorities to
reach the hearts of our children
for the gospel!
Let’s take a
Return at 10:50 for
Reforming the
Dr. Klick
The father’s biblical role also includes
some looking outside the family,
as well as looking in…
What is the father’s responsibility
toward the church and the society?
We want to sharpen
To arm them…
Launch them into the
Becoming the kind
of man whose
household God
delights to bless!
If he gives us 7 gardens to
tend, he expects us to sow
and cultivate each…
not neglecting any:
Christ, wife, children, family,
work, church, community.
When we think of relationships we
tend to think of person to person.
But God calls men into relationships
with jurisdictions.
Fathers have relationships with their
children, but they are having a
relationship with a jurisdiction.
When we think of relationships we
tend to think of person to person.
But God calls men into relationships
with jurisdictions.
Fathers, the head of the jurisdiction of
the home, have relationships with
their children, heads of the
jurisdiction of the individual.
This means that, as a jurisdiction,
the child’s life is a boundary or entity
in which autonomous power may be
Though tragic, a person has the right and
authority to reject Christ. When that
 God recognizes that autonomous decision
 God decrees the appropriate eternal destiny.
The home is the wellspring
from which elders, deacons
and the faithful future of the
church emerges.
How did we get here?
Deportation of our children from home.
Evacuation of parents from
Counter-Biblical Social Movements:
Public School
Sunday School
Industrial Revolution
WWII women in workforce
Mobility of
Yes, Christian men must awaken
from their slumber and assume
their biblical roles in the home…
1. Respecting
2. Loving
3. Leading
4. Providing
5. Protecting
6. Discipling
…their families.
God gives us a clear mandate in
Dueteronomy 6
Power - what you can do
Responsibility – what you are assigned (by
another jurisdiction).
Rights – What you may do.
Authority – What you may direct, narrower
than power
The Army Ranger have a
“…No man left behind.”
We must keep every one of our
children in mind… individually:
Praying for Them
Disciplining In Righteousness
Building Affection
Preparing for Life
Discipling Unto Christ
A Quiver Full of Gardens
Each individual child represents
an entirely separate garden
from the rest.
We must plow, sow and reap in
each individual garden…
…No child left behind.
A combat medic, self-forgetting
The Shepherd leaves the 99 find
the one.
The Buck stops here.
Deut 6 –
The great Shema - The ultimate
Jewish Prayer…declaration of faith.
It is so important, Jews recite it
twice a day and on their deathbed.
The Great Commandment – quoted
by Jesus as the most important
The Father’s role in the home - all
given by God to Israel at the end of
the 40 year wandering. In Deut. 6
Finally, if you will be strong and
courageous to do these things,
God will intervene on your
behalf and make your home
stronger and stronger for the
sake of His Church and for the
glory of His Kingdom.
Parental Responsibility in Education
Christian parents should ensure that all family
members see dad and mom as the primary
educators of their children. In today’s world,
conscientious Christian parents must be
engaged - selecting, controlling and / or
monitoring the curriculum, values and
environments to which their children are being
exposed throughout their years of education.
4 Statements and 4 Responses
Many strong, highly-gifted Christian
women are just better leaders than their
less-gifted and/or passive husbands.
Should a strong and wise woman yield
her household up to a lesser man,
knowing his skills and judgment are
inferior to hers?
Our culture sees marriage as an
egalitarian (50/50) arrangement.
Isn’t a husband a little
chauvinistic to say headship of
the home resides with him?
Poor decisions or moral failures
cause men to lose credibility with
their wives and children.
Should a man have an expectation
of leading before he regains the
trust of his family?
Some men lead the home while resting in the
confidence that the school is educating their
children, and the church discipling them.
Who better to educate the children than the
school, and disciple them than the church?
Isn’t that what God made schools and
churches for?
I have given you 4 statements
as to why biblical male leadership
in the Christian home is suffering
Do you see the biblical error in
each of the responses?
In our text, Malachi seemed to be
forecasting that the last days
would present a dire need for
…a reformation of the family…
…not toward something new…
…but the restoration of what God
had established from the
…and, Praise the Lord…
God is waking us up!
He is turning the hearts of
countless fathers
back to their children…
back to their wives…
back to their homes…
God is
Restoring the Role of
the Christian Father!
Why did God create the family?
“So that from one generation to
the next there might be mouths
to proclaim the glories of
- Scott Brown
Thank you for invitation...Mark, Dick, Mark and Todd - and Antioch CC – doing church great srvc.
Love stories, analogies, illustrations and pics…powerful means of transferring truth in a clear
and memorable way – Jesus spoke in parables.
You are here today, in an historic occasion- one among many ground-breaking FIC conferences …
Go back 27 years with an analogy…
My wife, Jerry, and I started homeschooling in 1983.
- didn’t know anyone else doing it…sensed calling, so we did it.
- against the law then in Arkansas,…people were going to jail…
- we were different, scared - persevered – still going – 6 more yrs.
- today, millions of people homeschool – because God has called them to it – we were pioneers.
I believe Homeschool movement = revival…of Spirit speaking to parents…dynamic generation
- revival of families willing to go against grain (culture) …swim upstream (church).
-God was building courage and character in his people
- today we are standing on the edge of another revival.
I said this was an historic occasion? Compare this spiritually to the era of Jamestown and
Plymouth Rock – this is the beginnings of something near to God’s heart  FIC
- Not something new, simply God restoring what was natural from the beginning – simple.
You are in the presence of many pioneers, Mark, Eric, Marc, Jarrod, Steve…you! We all pioneers
Fics dot east coast and west coast– want to see US blanketed in FICs.
This Family Integrated movement is young, but the heart of God. Not really about the FIC, but the
Gospel - Track coaches teach runners to pass baton – teaching is not the baton…but how to
protect the baton. The FIC movement not about the FIC, but how to live and protect
the gospel for generations to come.
A core value of FIC: Restoring Role of Christian Father….
Disclaimer – we will be discussing “Fathers” a
great deal…
In the Presentation we use the terms: “ Father,”
“Householder,” “head of household,” all
interchangeably…may apply to single moms or
single dads.
If Mother is a single parent – suggest you
attempt to adopt an “uncle” for your sons,
someone to help model, mentor and engage
your sons in ministry…
If necessary, ask your elders to help you find a
caring man willing to invest…