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Quiz 1 Food Chains, Webs and Trophic Levels
1. Use this food chain to answer the following. (0.5pts each)
A. What does the arrow mean in a food chain?
B. Name the tertiary consumer in the food chain.
2. Use the food web to the right. Complete the
food web by adding arrows. Use the
following information about the organisms to
complete web. One arrow has been done for
you. (7pts)
 The cat eats the thrush and rabbit.
 The slug eats grass.
 The fox eats rabbit and slugs.
 The thrush east slugs and blackberry
 The rabbit eats grass
3. Use the food web completed in question 2 to
answer the following. (1pt each)
A. What type of organism is not shown in
this web but is found in all food webs?
B. Which organism or organisms are omnivores?
C. Which organism’s niches are overlapping?
4. How are food webs different to food chains? Explain why food webs are more useful. (2pts)
Quiz 1 Food Chains, Webs and Trophic Levels
5. Look at this food web. Then answer the questions.
A. Why don’t the fox and the heron occupy the same niche?
B. Write a food chain from this food web with six trophic levels. (3pts)
C. Give two possible outcomes to the community if all the frogs suddenly died. Your answers
should be detailed (example of a bad answer “all X die”)
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