Download 3.4.1 platform upgrade

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Work on the App server (tririgatest03) “platform and database”
---System admin built 3 servers (app/process/report) and installed IIS (8.5) and
---DBA built a new database ( SQL Server 2012 SP1) and refreshed it with backup
--- Copy files to the new server
Copy the 3.4.1 upgrade file to app server tririgatest03 (E:\upgrade)
Copy the Java 7 software to app server tririgatest03 (E:\upgrade)
Copy the “jtds-1.2.8” to app server tririgatest03 (E:\Java)
Copy the “TRIRIGA” and “jboss-5.1.0.GA” from current app server to new app
Copy the WebSphere software files to the new server
---Install Java 7 (No problem)
---Install WebSphere
--Start JBoss (edit files before start JBoss)
--Install WebSphere (no problem)
---Stop JBoss on both app and process servers
---Do a full database backup
---Start WebSphere service (No problem)
---Rename the copied E:\tririga dir to “tririga_old” and create a new E:\tririga dir.
1. Upgrade platform 3.4.1
---Go to E:\upgrade\CNIERML
---Double click “install_tririga_v3.4.1.exe”
---Click “Yes” when ask “allow the following program from an unknown publish to
make changes to thes computer”
---Click “next” then check (x) I accept the terms in the license agreement
---Now choose java VM
Highlight E:\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin\jave.exe
---Click “next” to choose Tririga install folder
Change to E:\tririga
---Click “next” to select “Complete IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform”
---Click “next” to select “Platform Upgrade”
---Click “next” to select old installation dir
Enter E:\tririga_old (old installation dir.)
---Click “next”
Select (x) “WebSphere”
---Click “next” to enter websphere info (they are all under following folder
Cell: tririgatest03Node01Cell
Node: tririgatest03Node01
Server: server1
Profile: AppSrv01
Home directory: E:\WAS\WebSphere855\AppServer
Admin Username: (I leave it empty since I did not create admin user)
Password: (I leave it empty)
---Click Next to accept default
Context Path /
---Click Next to accept default
Min: 1024
Max: 1024
---Click “next” to select Server Hostname
Server Hostname: (04 for process server).
Uncheck “productionMode” in DEV or QA, but select “productionMode” in
prod. This will set the mode in “” file. We can edit the file
anytime later.
---Click “next” to select “Microsoft SQL Server”
---Now click “choose” to select JTDS drive. E:\java\jtds-1.2.8\jtds-1.2.8.jar
---Click “next” to select
SQL Server host name: sql08r2qa
SQL Server’s port: 51224
SQL Server’s database name: tritest2
---Click “next” to Select Data Schema Username: tridata, password: xxxxxx
(username and pw is correct)
---Click “next” to Select default
( ) multi-byte support
---Click “next” to test database connection
---Click “next” to enter mini and max sizes for database pools, accept default
---Click “next” to select
Mail server:
Front end Server: (04 for process server)
---Next , it asks if to install TDI (Tivoli Directory Integrator) (not use it now)
( ) Install TDI (don’t check it)
---Install (to prepare the installation)
--- Click “Next” to stall the installation
( To monitor install, go to ant.log)
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