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Air pressure, air temperature and
Presented by: Martin Benjamin V.
Low and high pressure areas
Low pressure areas- They form if
atmospheric circulations of air
remove a little amount of
atmosphere from a place.
High pressure areas- They form if
air masses are being cooled.
Low and high pressure area
 Air starts converging very close to the ground into a
low presssure area. Air coudn’t pile up, so it rises and
starts diverging aloft. Now with high pressure, air starts
coverging aloft and starts decsending towards the
surface and start diverging at ground level.
What is air temperature?
Air temperature measures of hot or cold air is.
Air temperature
affects reproduction
and growth of living
How is air temperature measured?
It is usually measured in either degrees
Celsius and Farenheit.
0 degrees celsius is 32 degrees in
Room temperature in Celsius is usually
around 25 degrees which is around 77
degrees Farenheit.
What is wind?
Wind is a flow of gas on a big scale.
In space, solar wind is the movement
of charged particles/gases from the
What is the cause of wind?
This is caused by differences inside the
atmospheric pressure. When this exits, air starts
moving from the higher pressure area to the lower
pressure area.
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