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Unit 11 Spelling
Subject: Science
What are some sciences?
The search for
knowledge about
how things
behave as they do
The use of scientific
knowledge to serve
human needs
study of
The study of
are made of
Some words having to do with
part of
an atom
Any minute particle; a unit of
matter; the smallest portion of
an element
To produce again as by generation
or the like
Some words having to do with
A proposed statement used as theory to be
proven; an educated guess about the answer
to a problem or question
Something that is likely
to change
Some words having to do
with earthquakes:
A large area of
land mass
The stress caused by force
A break or crack
A break or crack along
which rocks move
Words that are needed for
organisms to live:
The sum of the chemical processes by
which all living things transform food
into living matter and energy
The ability to cause
changes in matter
Some words that pertain to
Quartz that is
transparent or nearly so
The amount
of matter in a
given space
Preserved remains of
an ancient organism
Bonus words:
Tendency to grow alike; to incline or
approach nearer together
Receding from each
other in moving from
a common center
Don’t forget:
Your homework is due Wednesday, but you may turn it in
early if you wish.
The test for this unit will be given on Monday of next
week at the beginning of the period. Remember to bring
your paper and a pencil!
Study for the test. If you need help, please ask.