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Jerome J. Weis – Curriculum Vitae
Department of Entomology
University of Minnesota
1980 Folwell Ave., St. Paul Minnesota 55108
Phone: (612) 625-7055, Email: [email protected]
Yale University
Ecology &
Evolutionary Biology
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Professional Experience:
2014-Present Post-doctoral Associate – University of Minnesota;
Department of Entomology
Conservation and Research Intern - Santa Barbara Zoo
Staff Research Associate - University of California Santa Barbara;
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology.
Teaching Experience:
Fall 2013
Teaching Assistant: Field Ecology, Yale University
Fall 2010
Teaching Assistant: General Ecology, Yale University
Fall 2009
Teaching Assistant: Conservation Biology, Yale University
Spring 2009 Teaching Assistant: Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior, Yale
Awards and Fellowships:
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Juday Family Fellowship in Limnology. University of Wisconsin
Grants in Support of Research:
Yale EEB Chair’s Graduate Student Fund; Award $2,000
Lee Pierce Fund; Award: $2,000
Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Center for Field Ecology Pilot
Grant; Award: $2,000
Avolio. M.L., C.C. Chang, J.J. Weis, and M.D. Smith. In press. Genetic diversity of
Andropogon gerardii affects ecosystem function. Plant Ecology and Diversity.
Weis, J.J. and D.A. Vasseur. 2014. Predation drives complementarity and transgressive
overyielding of prey species at a regional scale. Oikos 123(1):79-88.
Howeth, J.G., J.J. Weis, J. Brodersen, E.C. Hatton, and D.M. Post. 2013. Intraspecific
variation in a predator affects multi-trophic metacommunity structure. Ecology and
Evolution 3(15):5031-5044.
Weis, J.J. and D.M. Post. 2013. Intraspecific variation in a predator drives cascading
variation in primary producer community composition. Oikos 122(9):1343-1349.
Weis, J.J., and G.G. Sass. 2011. Largemouth bass nest site selection in small north
temperate lakes varying in littoral coarse woody habitat abundances. North American
Journal of Fisheries Management 31(5):943-951.
Cardinale B.J., D.S. Srivastava, J.E. Duffy, J.P. Wright, A.L. Downing, M. Sankaran, C.
Jouseau, M.W. Cadotte, I.T. Carroll, J.J. Weis, A. Hector, and M. Loreau. 2009. Effects
of biodiversity on the functioning of ecosystems; summary of 164 experimental
manipulations of species richness. Ecology 90(3):854.
Weis, J.J., D.S. Madrigal, and B.J. Cardinale. 2008. Effects of algal diversity on biomass
production in homogeneous and heterogeneous nutrient environments: A microcosm
experiment. PLoS ONE 3(7): e2825.
Cardinale, B.J., J.P. Wright, M.W. Cadotte, I.T. Carroll, A. Hector, D.S. Srivastava, M.
Loreau, and J.J. Weis. 2007. Impacts of plant diversity on biomass production increase
through time because of species complementarity: A meta-analysis. Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences 104(46):18123-18128.
Weis, J.J., B.J. Cardinale, K.J. Forshay, and A.R. Ives. 2007. Effects of species diversity
on community biomass production change over the course of succession. Ecology
Cardinale, B.J., J.J. Weis, K.J. Tilmon, A.E. Forbes, and A.R. Ives. 2006. Biodiversity
as both a cause and consequence of resource availability: A study of reciprocal causality
in a predator-prey system. Journal of Animal Ecology 75(2):495-505.
Invited Book Chapter
Weis, J.J. The role of species diversity in bottom-up and top-down interactions. in
Trophic Ecology: Bottom-up and top-down interactions across aquatic and terrestrial
systems. Cambridge University Press. K.J. LaPierre and T.C. Hanley editors. In press.
Professional Service:
Ad hoc manuscript Reviewer: Acta Oecologica, Marine Biodiversity, Journal of Applied
Ecology, Ecology Letters, Journal of Ecology, Oecologia, PLoS ONE, Ecology, North
American Journal of Fisheries Management, Ecology of Freshwater Fishes, Industrial
Biotechnology, Ecosphere
Ad hoc proposal Reviewer: French National Research Agency
Activities and Outreach:
Judge: New Haven Science Fair
Judge: ESA Student Section - Best Undergraduate Student Poster Award
Yale Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – Graduate
Student Seminar Series Coordinator
Animal Care Aide, Santa Barbara Zoo
UCSB Department of Biology Social Events Coordinator
2013. Ecological Society of America 2013, Minneapolis Minnesota. “Predation and
resource abundance influence the diversity-productivity relationship in herbivores and
primary producers” Weis, J.J., and D.M. Post.
2011. Ecological Society of America 2011, Austin, Texas. “The relative effects of interand intra-specific diversity on community productivity: A niche-based theoretical
approach” Weis, J.J.
2008. Ecological Society of America 2008, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Poster – “Effects of
algal diversity on biomass in homogeneous and heterogeneous nutrient environments: A
microcosm experiment” Weis, J.J., D.S. Madrigal, and B.J. Cardinale.
2005, Ecological Society of America 2005, Montreal, Quebec. Poster - “Effects of
biodiversity on community production change over the course of succession: A
microcosm study with freshwater algae” Weis, J.J., B.J. Cardinale, K.J. Forshay, and
A.R. Ives.
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