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Climate change is a
significant and lasting
change in the statistical
of weather patterns over
periods ranging from
decades to millions of years.
It may be a change in
average weather conditions,
or in the distribution of
weather around the average
Political Discourse
1995 = Greenhouse
Challenge program
Signing but not ratifying
the Kyoto Protocol
Today to reduce Australia's
carbon emissions, the
government of Julia
Gillard introduced a carbon
tax on 1 July 2012. It requires
large businesses, defined as
those emitting over 250,000
tons of carbon dioxide
equivalent annually, to pay
per ton of carbon they emit.
Putting it simply it is the
way Australians and
Australian Government
decide to manage our
water supply
Much government action
during drought
Conflict in public and
industry opinion
Biosecurity is a set of
preventative measures
designed to reduce the
risk of transmission
of infectious diseases,
quarantined pests, invasive
alien species and living
modified organisms.
Beef imports
Drosophila suzukii (spotted wing drosophila)
Risk analysis for the release of Eueupithecia Cisplatensis for the
biological control of Parkinsonia (Parkinsonia aculeata)
Ginger from Fiji
Ornamental finfish
Review of gamma irradiation as a treatment to address
pathogens of animal biosecurity concern
Review of published tests to detect pathogens in veterinary
vaccines intended for importation into Australia - Second
Schmallenberg virus
Californian table grapes
Draft policy review of the importation of dogs and cats and their
semen from approved countries
Fresh island cabbage from Cook Islands, Fiji, Tonga and
Grapevine (Vitis species) propagative material into Australia
Horses from approved countries
Lilium spp. cut flowers from Taiwan
Lychees from Taiwan and Vietnam
Mangosteens from Indonesia
Risk analysis for the release of the parasitoid wasp Mastrus
ridens for the biological control of codling moth (Cydia
Pineapples from Malaysia
Potato propagative material into Australa
Queen honey bees
Commercial rabbits from certain Member States of the
European Union
Table grapes from Japan
Select one of the issues:
- Climate change
- Water management
- Biosecurity
And complete the
Create a Presentation and
Report detailing:
Australian political opinions,
standpoints and action on the
issue (including the supporting
arguments for both sides)
Public’s opinions, standpoints
and action
The effect all of this is having on
our relationships with outdoor
environments in Australia
This needs to be a comprehensive
presentation and a 300 word
Due to be presented Monday 27th