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Algebra Daily Lessons with IXL Support
Unit 1: The Number System (Chapters 1 and 2)
Lesson 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 – Expressions and Real Numbers
A.1Classify numbers
A.2Compare and order rational numbers
A.3Absolute value and opposites
A.4Number lines
A.5Convert between decimals and fractions
A.6Convert between repeating decimals and fractions
I.1Write variable expressions
Lesson 2.2 & 2.3 – Add and Subtract Real Numbers
Lesson 2.4/2.6 – Multiply and Divide Real Numbers
B.1Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers
B.2Order of operations with integers
B.3Evaluate variable expressions involving integers
B.4Add and subtract rational numbers
B.5Multiply and divide rational numbers
B.6Order of operations with rational numbers
B.7Evaluate variable expressions involving rational numbers
I.5Does x satisfy the equation?
I.6Which x satisfies an equation?
I.7Solve equations using order of operations
Lesson 2.5 – Apply the Distributive Property
H.2Distributive property
H.3Simplify variable expressions using properties
I.2Simplify variable expressions involving like terms and the distributive property
I.3Identify equivalent linear expressions
Unit 2: Solving Linear Equations and Problem Solving (Chapter 3)
Lesson 3.1/3.2/3.3 – Solving Multi-step equations
J.3Solve one-step linear equations
J.4Solve two-step linear equations
J.5Solve advanced linear equations
Lesson 3.4 – Solving Equations with variables on both sides
I.8Rearrange multi-variable equations
J.6Solve equations with variables on both sides
J.7Find the number of solutions
J.8Create equations with no solutions or infinitely many solutions
J.10Solve linear equations: mixed review
Lesson 3.4.1 – Writing Equations and Problem Solving
I.4Write variable equations
J.9Solve linear equations: word problems
Unit 3: Graphing and Writing Linear Functions (Chapters 4 and 5)
Lesson 4.1 & 4.2 – Plot Points and Graph Linear Equations
G.1Coordinate plane review
Q.1Relations: convert between tables, graphs, mappings, and lists of points
Q.2Domain and range of relations
Q.4Identify functions
Q.5Identify functions: vertical line test
Q.6Find values using function graphs
Q.7Evaluate a function
Q.8Evaluate a function: plug in an expression
Q.9Complete a function table from a graph
Q.10Complete a function table from an equation
S.11Linear equations: solve for y
S.13Complete a table and graph a linear function
S.14Compare linear functions: graphs, tables, and equations
S.19Graph a horizontal or vertical line
Lesson 4.3 – Graph Using Intercepts
S.16Standard form: find x- and y-intercepts
S.17Standard form: graph an equation
Lesson 4.4 – Slope of a Line
S.2Find the slope of a graph
S.3Find the slope from two points
S.4Find a missing coordinate using slope
Lesson on 4.5 – Graph Using Slope-Intercept Form
S.5Slope-intercept form: find the slope and y-intercept
S.6Slope-intercept form: graph an equation
Lesson 4.5.1 – Graphing Word Problems
Q.3Identify independent and dependent variables
Q.11Interpret the graph of a function: word problems
Lesson 5.1 – Writing Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form
S.10Slope-intercept form: write an equation from a word problem
S.18Equations of horizontal and vertical lines
Lesson 5.2 – Use Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form
P.1Identify arithmetic and geometric sequences
P.2Arithmetic sequences
P.5Write variable expressions for arithmetic sequences
S.7Slope-intercept form: write an equation from a graph
S.8Slope-intercept form: write an equation
S.9Slope-intercept form: write an equation from a table
S.12Write linear functions to solve word problems
Lesson 5.4 & 5.5 – Standard Form and Perpendicular Lines
S.15Write equations in standard form
S.23Slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines
S.24Write an equation for a parallel or perpendicular line
Lesson 5.6 – Fit a Line to Data
Unit 4: Linear Inequalities (Chapter 6)
Lesson 6.3 – Solving Linear Inequalities
K.1Graph inequalities
K.2Write inequalities from graphs
K.3Identify solutions to inequalities
K.4Solve one-step linear inequalities: addition and subtraction
K.5Solve one-step linear inequalities: multiplication and division
K.6Solve one-step linear inequalities
K.7Graph solutions to one-step linear inequalities
K.8Solve two-step linear inequalities
K.9Graph solutions to two-step linear inequalities
K.10Solve advanced linear inequalities
K.11Graph solutions to advanced linear inequalities
Lesson 6.4 – Solving Compound Linear Inequalities
K.12Graph compound inequalities
K.13Write compound inequalities from graphs
K.14Solve compound inequalities
K.15Graph solutions to compound inequalities
Lesson 6.5 – Solving Absolute Value Equations
L.1Solve absolute value equations
L.2Graph solutions to absolute value equations
Lesson 6.7 – Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
T.1Does (x, y) satisfy the inequality?
T.2Linear inequalities: solve for y
T.3Graph a two-variable linear inequality
T.4Linear inequalities: word problems
T.5Is (x, y) a solution to the system of inequalities?
Unit 5: Solving Linear Systems (Chapter 7)
Lesson 7.1 – Solve Linear Systems by Graphing
U.1Is (x, y) a solution to the system of equations?
U.2Solve a system of equations by graphing
U.3Solve a system of equations by graphing: word problems
U.4Find the number of solutions to a system of equations by graphing
U.5Find the number of solutions to a system of equations
Lesson 7.2 – Solve Linear Systems by Substitution
U.8Solve a system of equations using substitution
U.9Solve a system of equations using substitution: word problems
Lesson 7.3/7.4 – Solve Linear Systems by Combination
U.10Solve a system of equations using elimination
U.11Solve a system of equations using elimination: word problems
U.14Solve a system of equations using any method
U.15Solve a system of equations using any method: word problems
Lesson 7.6 – Solve Systems of Linear Inequalities
T.6Solve systems of linear inequalities by graphing
Unit 6: Exponential Expressions and Functions (Chapter 8)
Lesson 8.1 – Product Properties of Exponents
Lesson 8.2 – Quotient Properties of Exponents
Lesson 8.3 – Zero and Negative Exponents
V.1Exponents with integer bases
V.2Exponents with decimal and fractional bases
V.3Negative exponents
V.4Multiplication with exponents
V.5Division with exponents
V.6Multiplication and division with exponents
V.7Power rule
V.8Evaluate expressions involving exponents
V.9Identify equivalent expressions involving exponents
Y.2Multiply monomials
Y.3Divide monomials
Y.4Multiply and divide monomials
Y.5Powers of monomials
Lesson 8.4 – Scientific Notation
W.1Convert between standard and scientific notation
W.2Compare numbers written in scientific notation
W.3Multiply numbers written in scientific notation
W.4Divide numbers written in scientific notation
Lessons 8.5 & 8.6 – Exponential Growth and Decay
X.1Evaluate an exponential function
X.2Match exponential functions and graphs
X.3Domain and range of exponential functions
X.4Exponential growth and decay: word problems
P.3Geometric sequences
P.4Evaluate variable expressions for number sequences
Unit 7: Polynomials and Quadratics (Chapters 9 and 10)
Lesson 9.1 – Add and Subtract Polynomials
Y.1Identify monomials
Z.1Polynomial vocabulary
Z.4Add and subtract polynomials
Z.5Add polynomials to find perimeter
Lesson 9.2 – Multiply Polynomials
Z.6Multiply a polynomial by a monomial
Z.7Multiply two polynomials using algebra tiles
Z.8Multiply two binomials
Z.9Multiply two binomials: special cases
Z.10Multiply polynomials
Lesson 9.4.1 – Factoring Polynomials
AA.1GCF of monomials
AA.2Factor out a monomial
AA.3Factor quadratics with leading coefficient 1
AA.4Factor quadratics with other leading coefficients
AA.5Factor quadratics: special cases
AA.6Factor quadratics using algebra tiles
AA.7Factor by grouping
AA.8Factor polynomials
Lesson 9.4.2 – Solving Equations by Factoring
BB.7Solve an equation using the zero product property
BB.8Solve a quadratic equation by factoring
Lessons 10.1 & 10.2 – Graphing Quadratics
BB.1Characteristics of quadratic functions
BB.2Complete a function table: quadratic functions
BB.4Graph quadratic functions in vertex form
BB.5Match quadratic functions and graphs
CC.1Identify linear, quadratic, and exponential functions from graphs
CC.2Identify linear, quadratic, and exponential functions from tables
Lesson 10.4 – Solving Quadratic Equations Using Square Roots
EE.1Simplify radical expressions
EE.2Simplify radical expressions involving fractions
EE.3Multiply radical expressions
BB.6Solve a quadratic equation using square roots
Lesson 10.5 – Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square
BB.9Complete the square
BB.10Solve a quadratic equation by completing the square
Lesson 10.6 – Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula
BB.11Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula
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