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XML Data Storage
Joe Carroll
Russell Gibbons
What is XML
Storage of XML
Benefits of XML Databases
Problems with XML Databases
What is XML
“XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a
W3C initiative that allows information and
services to be encoded with meaningful
structure and semantics that computers
and humans can understand. XML is great
for information exchange, and can easily
be extended to include user-specified and
industry-specified tags.”
Storage of XML
Relational (shredded)
Native XML
Storage options
Large character fields in DBMS
Flat files
.xml files
Fast insert & retrieval
Poor search
Data still stored as character
Portions of the data extracted into
additional relational tables
Increased parse time
Increased search capabilities
Native XML
Exclusive XML DBMS
Integrated XML DBMS
Native XML Benefits
XML messages stored in their original
Documents can be transformed straight
from the database via XPath or XSLT.
Increased search capabilities for
documents that must be stored as XML.
Native XML Problems
Same problems as hierarchical databases
Many-to-many relationships
Referential Integrity
Difficult to handle within legacy
Increased CPU consumption.
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