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The Society’s Mission is Twofold:
1) To Provide Evidence-Based Practice Standards, Educational
Guidelines, Certification opportunities to Cardiac Monitor
Technicians, EKG Technicians, and Cardiovascular Telemetry
Nurses, and…
January 23, 2015
Austin, TX
2) To Provide Cardiac Monitoring Center Accreditation to Hospitals
and facilities who demonstrate an acceptable standard of practice in
their system-wide monitoring of cardiac patients, and who have
100% of their Cardiac Monitoring Staff Board Certified in EKG
Recording, Reading, and Responding.
Why you should not miss this Cardiac Monitoring Course:
First of all, your faculty was trained by the late Henry J. L. Marriott,
MD, FACC who set the Standards for Cardiac Monitoring. We have
further evolved these Standards to meet the needs of a host of
Cardiac Diseases and Anomalies found in all Cardiac Monitored
areas within the Cardiology Arena.
What Marriott brought to Cardiac Monitoring Practice was “Pride in
Practice and Accuracy in Lead Placement and Interpretation,”
for all Cardiovascular Professionals, not just the Doctors. The
Society of Cardiac Monitoring offers the Highest Standard of EKG
Practice and Education in the Industry; and can easily say that our
experience is second to none.
And Second, the Society provides you the opportunity to become a
Board Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician, EKG Technician, or
Telemetry Nurse.
Ladies & Gentlemen,
“The Heart Writes a Best
Seller, Learn to Read
it Well.”
HJL Marriott, MD
“Providing Basic EKG Essentials
for All Areas of Practice”
Society of Cardiac Monitoring
A Subsidiary of the American Board of
Cardiovascular Medicine, Inc.
Course Schedule:
7:30am - Registration
8-4:30pm – Cardiac Monitoring Course
Registration Fees and Instructions for the Cardiac Monitoring
Course and/or CMT/EKG Certification Exams:
4:45pm – Optional Cardiac Monitoring/EKG
Technician Board Certification Exam for Techs, and
Basic EKG Board Certification Exam for Telemetry Nurses
Seton Medical Center Staff Fees: $95 Course Only; and an additional
$100 for CMT/EKG Exam
Cardiac Monitoring Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this Course, the participant should be able
to Identify the following:
Bedside monitoring practice standards
Sinus rhythms
Atrial rhythms
Junctional rhythms
Ventricular rhythms
AV block patterns
Myocardial ischemia
Myocardial injury
Bundle branch blocks
Electrolyte disturbances
Contact Hours:
This course is approved for 7.0 contact hours for by the
Florida Board of Nursing Provider Number 50-14076.
Course Location: Austin, TX – Seton Medical Center,
Austin, TX
All non-Seton Medical Center Staff Fees: $125 Course Only; and an
additional $125 for CMT/EKG Exam
Pre-Registration fee for the Course Only is a must to reserve your
seat and handout, and is due by January 9th, 2015. Any registrations
received after this date will be assessed a $20 late fee and will be
considered a walk-in registrant.
Payment Methods:
1. Pay Online with a credit card at in our online Store.
2. To Pay by check or money order, make payable to ABCM (may
combine Course and Exam fees in one, or separate checks) and mail
along with the Registration Form on the next page to:
ABCM, P.O. Box, Spring Hill, FL 34611
3. Do not mail your Course Registration fee after January 2nd to assure
safe arrival by January 9th. If you register later than the 9th, please
email us of your intent to attend the Course (keeping in mind, you will
be considered a walk in and will have to pay the late fee of $20 extra
if you miss this deadline. Send emails to:
4. If you are undecided about the Exam, you may wait to pay for it
onsite with cash or check.
Course Faculty:
Jonni Cooper, RN, MACCN, A-ECG-BC, CVRN-BC, CEO/President & Founder of the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine,
Home of the Marriott Heart Foundation (MHF), American College of Cardiac Nurse Practitioners (ACCNP), American College of
Cardiovascular Nurses (ACCN), and the Society of Cardiac Monitoring (SCM). Jonni is a seasoned Author, International Faculty and
Guest Speaker for Hospitals and Cardiology Organizations Worldwide. One participant stated that she should be cloned so everyone
could have her in their unit. When you join her interactive course, she will not only motivate you, but she will provide you with the
diagnostic tools essential to your cardiac monitoring practice.
Register for the Cardiac Monitoring Course and/or the CMT/EKG Exam: January 23, 2015
(Please do not leave any questions unanswered or your application will not be complete and
print in your best handwriting)
I will attend the Cardiac Monitoring Course
I will sit for my CMT/EKG Board Certification Exam at the completion of the Course.
I am undecided about taking the CMT/EKG Board Certification Exam and will let you know onsite at the Course.
1. First name: ______________________Middle initial: _____ Last name: ____________________________
2. Degree(s) Held: _______________________________________________________________
3. Professional certifications held: __________________________
4. Nursing or other Professional License Number & State Issued: _____________________________
5. q Male q Female
6. Home address: ____________________________ City: __________________ State:_________ Zip: ________
7. Home email:___________________________________
8. Work email: ___________________________________
9. Home phone: ______________________
10. Supervisor’s Name: ______________________________________
11. Name of Employer: ______________________________________
12. Phone number of Employer: ________________________________
13. What area of cardiology do you work in? ______________________
14. How long have you worked in this area? ________________
15. What other areas of cardiology do you have experience in? ____________________________________________
16. How many hours per week do you work in cardiology? ________
17. Have you had formal training in cardiology? __________
18. If so, what specialty degree or certification do you hold in cardiology? ___________________________________
19. Does your hospital have an in-house training program for cardiovascular critical care and telemetry nurses? _______
20. Does your hospital have an in-house training program for cardiac monitor and EKG Techs? ____________
21. Is your hospital a Magnet facility or are they seeking Magnet status? ______