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Freshman Band Scale Checkoff/Final Exam
Freshman Band Final
You will need to know the following information for your band final:
 Identify the treble (G clef) _____ and the bass (F clef) ________
 Name the notes of the treble clef lines (EGBDF) and spaces (FACE)
 Name the notes of the bass clef lines (GBDFA) and spaces (ACEG)
 Identify the staff, bar lines, measures, repeat signs
 Identify and give the duration of whole, half, dotted half, quarter, dotted quarter, eighth,
and sixteenth notes and rests.
 Explain what the top and bottom notes of a key signature tell us.
Dynamics—loudness or softness of music
Flat—lowers the pitch of a note ½ step
Natural—cancels a flat or sharp
Phrase-- a musical thought or sentence
Ritardando (ritard, rit)—gradually slow the tempo
Sharp—raises the pitch of a note ½ step
Slur—curved line that connects two or more notes of different pitches
Tie—curved line that connects two notes of the same pitch
Allegro—fast; quick and lively
Andante—moderately slow; a walking tempo
Moderato—moderate speed
ff—fortissimo—very loud
mf—mezzo forte—medium loud
mp—mezzo piano—medium soft
Scale Checkoff
All freshman band members will need to play a scale
checkoff for Mr. Diggins. Students may use scale sheets
or the circle of 5ths during their test. Scales to be played
are (in concert pitch): C, Bb, F, Eb, Ab. This checkoff
may be completed during lessons or after school and must
be played by 4 pm on January 18th.