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Physical Science
 Safety Considerations
 Prior Knowledge
 Game
 Lab
 Resources/Websites
 Exit Pass
Teaching Strategies
Today, our strategies include an
interactive game and an inquiry
 Other teaching strategies include
website resources and other various
Specific Targets
Describe the potential difference and current
characteristics in a series and a parallel
Compare the electrical resistance of a series
and a parallel connection of identical resistors
to that of a single resistor
Demonstrate the skills required to plan
and conduct an inquiry into electricity,
using instruments, tools, and apparatus
safely, accurately, and effectively (e.g.,
use an ammeter and a voltmeter to
measure current and potential difference
in a circuit);
Prior Knowledge
Students have some background
knowledge of electricity from their Grade
8 Science and Technology program.
They are familiar with terms such as
load, source, switch, conductor, insulator
and parallel and series circuit.
Circuit diagrams
Minimum Three elements:
-Source of electricity (battery)
-Path or conductor on which electricity flows (wire)
-Electrical resistor (lamp) which is any device that requires electricity to
Pictorial way of showing circuits
This is the Ammeter symbol
This is the Voltmeter symbol.
This is the resistor symbol.
This is the switch symbol.
This is the battery symbol.
Series Circuit
Closed electrical circuit that is
connected so that the current passes
through each circuit element in turn
without branching off.
Race Track
Parallel Circuits
•Have more than one path that the circuit can
follow and electrical energy therefore is not
•Each electrical device can be on or off within
the circuit.
Parallel Circuits
Cars have many pathways to travel, one might be a five lane freeway,
while another is a two lane street. Eventually all cars must return to the
service station for more energy.