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Class: United States History
Last Unit:
Roaring Twenties
Current Unit:
Next Unit:
The Great Depression & New Deal
The Big Idea: When the American economy collapsed after the Crash of 29, millions of Americans lost
everything. FDR would expand the power of the Presidency in order to end the Great Depression.
Learning Activities
Essential Questions
 Review Class Expectations
 L—Causes of the Great Depression
What caused the Great Depression?
 V—Dust Bowl
 DBQ—What Caused the Dust Bowl
What caused the Dust Bowl?
 Webquest on Hard Times
How did Americans survive during the Great Depression?
 Unit 6 Terms Due!
 L—FDR & New Deal
How did the New Deal programs provide relief, recovery, and
reform for the American economy and people?
 Quiz Unit 6 Terms
 Evaluating New Deal Programs
 Unit Review
How effective was the New Deal in ending the Great
Depression? How did it change America?
 Unit Test
 Letters to Mrs. Roosevelt
 Film Clip: Marx Brothers
What role should the government play in monitoring the
American economy?
Define in Notebook and Know for Quiz
Read Ch. 12-13, pp. 364-433
Herbert Hoover 367
John Maynard Keynes 405
Okies 379
FDR 396
Eleanor Roosevelt 397
Huey Long 403
Mary McLeod Bethune 403
Dorothea Lange 425
Hoovervilles 376
The Dust Bowl 378
Speculation 370
New Deal Programs
Black Tuesday 370
Hawley-Smoot Tariff 371
The Bonus Army 387
The Grapes of Wrath 389
New Deal 397
Fireside chats 399
RFC 386
FDIC 399
TVA 400
CCC 400
NRA 401
PWA 401
Social Security Act 404
Wagner Act 409
State Standards: In this unit, students will examine how the Great Depression was ushered in by the stock market collapse
in the fall of 1929. The election of 1932 and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration seemed to provide hope through his
New Deal programs. Students will examine the range of potential solutions to the growing economic problems of the United
States during the 1930s, including those compounded by the environmental disaster of the Dust Bowl. Students will
evaluate the effectiveness of the New Deal programs over time, including their effects on various minority groups in the
United States.
Compelling Questions
 How did economic choices made in the 1920s lead to the stock market crash and the Great Depression? (Standard 1)
 How were minority populations in the United States affected by New Deal programs? (Standard 2)
 How were the ideas of a work ethic, pride, individualism, and self-reliance challenged during the Great Depression?
(Standard 3)
 How did the successes and failures of the First and Second New Deals affect the future of the United States? (Standard 4)
 Which New Deal agricultural programs and conservation methods were the most effective in fighting the environmental
disaster of the Dust Bowl? (Standard 5)
*Definition will be provided by Ms. Garvey; G=Glossary, L=Lecture, R=Reading, I=Internet, D=Discussion, BB=Bring Book, SC=Socratic Circle