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Society Challenge and Change – Unit 1 Test Review
Intro Note:
Social Sciences, Human Behaviour, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology
Participant Oberservation, “The Prime Directive”, Kinship, Patrilineal, Matrilineal,
Fictive Kin, Ethnography, Ethnographic research, Functionalism, Structuralism & Binary
Opposites, Cultural Materialism, Institutions, Determinism, Society’s Infrastructure,
Society’s Structure, Society’s Superstructure
Possible Questions: What are 3 ways of defining Kin? What 4 things can Kin
decide in a particular culture (rules)?
Experimental Psych, Clinical Psych, Actors, Bystanders
Psychoanalytic Theory, Freud, Conscious Mind, Preconscious Mind, Unconscious mind,
Id, Ego, Superego, Neurotic, Dream Analysis
Behaviourism & Childhood Experiences
Learning Theory, Pavlov, Classical Conditioning (know the chart), B.F. Skinner, Operant
Conditioning, Stimulus-Response
Institutions, Status, Role, Institutional Hierarchy, Role Conflict, Role Values, Norms,
Deviants, Retribution, Rehabilitation
Structural Functionalism (similar to Functionalism in Anthropology), Dysfunctional,
Neo-Marxism (free market/capitalist society), Symbolic Interactionism, Interpreting
Stimuli, Feminist Theory (Liberal, Marxian, Radical, Social), Inclusionism,
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